Wayland Baptist University Division of Exercise and Sport Science 2015 Fall Syllabus

Wayland Baptist University
Division of Exercise and Sport Science
2015 Fall Syllabus
University Mission: Wayland Baptist University exists to educate students in an academically challenging and
distinctively Christian environment for professional success, lifelong learning, and service to God and humankind.
Course Number and Title: EXSS 4114-01
Advanced Weight Training
Term, Days, Time, Location: Fall 2015, Monday / Wednesday, 8:00-8:50,
Laney Activity Center /Wood Building
Instructor: Mr. Shiloh Posey, (806) 291-3830, [email protected]
Office Hours: West Athletic Annex Mon./ Wed. 9:00-12:00 or call for appointment
Prerequisite: EXSS 4114- Weight Training
Textbook: None
Course Description: This course will provide students the opportunity to study the theory and
application of a variety of exercises and programs enhancing hypertrophy, strength, power and muscle
Student Involvement and Outcomes:
 Complete daily journal entry and record each day’s workout in relation to personal goals
and general sense of well-being (specific notes about improvement, goals, variations, etc.)
 Demonstrate a mastery of proper weightlifting technique, and a working knowledge of
personal fitness and issues related to personal exercise
 Improve personal fitness level based on personal abilities and goals
Course Evaluation:
 Two written exams based on information provided by the instructor
(100 points / exam = 200 points)
 Research Paper: 3 page maximum on relevant weight training / health / fitness topic
(100 points)
 Personal Fitness Journal ( 100 points)
 Attendance / Effort ( 200 points)
A= 600-501 points
B= 500-401 points
C= 400-301 points
D= 300-201 points
F= 200 or below
Note: You are allowed three excused absences. Each additional absence will count for one letter grade from
your final point total. Journal entries are worth 10 points each and need to include each day’s workout as well
as the comments for each day. Partial completion of a daily journal entry will NOT be counted. Also, come
prepared to participate each day by dressing appropriately. (i.e. T-shirts, shorts, sweats, tennis shoes, etc.).
*Tardies in excess of 5 minutes after scheduled start time will be considered an absence, unless there is an
emergency, and you contact me at that time, NOT after the fact.
Attendance Policy: Each student is strongly encouraged to attend every class period.
Academic Honesty: Students are responsible to conduct themselves in a professional manner in the area of
academic conduct. Academic misconduct includes all forms of cheating, and will be dealt with at the
instructors’ discretion and in accordance with the university’s academic policies.
ADA Compliance: No person shall be discriminated against due to any physical limitation (i.e.
handicap or illness). Students are responsible to inform instructors, by documentation, of any existing
condition so that any modifications or accommodations can be made. (WBU Policy 9.4.1)
Schedule- Fall 2015
**Subject to change**
Meet Monday in Laney Center and Wednesday in Wood Building (Weight Room Annex)
Class will be held on (date/time) in (classroom location) unless otherwise noted
Week of
Topics/ Activities/Assignments
Aug 17
Course Overview and Syllabus Explanation
Aug 24
Aug 31
Sept 7
General Weight Room Safety
Fitness Goals/Developing Strength Programs
NO CLASS—Labor Day
Sept 14
Upper Body Aux Lifts/Upper Body Muscle Groups
Sept 21
Squat Technique & Safety/Lower Body Muscle Groups
Sept 28
Lower Body Aux Lifts/Lower Body Muscle Groups
Oct 5
Aux Lifts
Oct 12
Mid Term Test
Oct 19
Hang Clean Technique & Safety/Dead Lift Technique & Safety
Oct 26
Peer Teaching (Bench Press & Safety)/Personal Strength Plan
Nov 2
Peer Teaching (Squat & Safety)/Personal Strength Plan
Nov 9
Peer Teaching (Hang Clean & Safety)/Personal Strength Plan
Nov 16
Peer Teaching (Dead Lift & Safety)/Personal Strength Plan
Nov 23
Final Exam Review
Nov 30
Turn in Journal and Research Paper and Final Exam