Student Congress General Meeting November 11, 2014 1. Jeff from CIT

Student Congress General Meeting
November 11, 2014
1. Jeff from CIT
a. CIT deals with everything that relates to technology on campus
b. There are a few higher volume printers on campus that get a lot of use
because of how fast they can print things.
c. There has been no initiative that looks into having students pay for printing.
d. With professors, encourage them to use Copy Works. This will help to reduce
the printing demands on students.
e. Moodle  Moodle is an open source product, meaning it’s free. Switching to
something different would be huge effort for CIT and for all professors. As a
college, we would need to make sure that what we switched to stayed in the
f. Would CIT ever get rid of cable  When CIT thinks it is the right thing to do,
then they will. When they feel like it stopped serving the student body, then
they will be open to the conversation.
g. As a student body what would you like us to do to be proactive in all our
issues? CIT would like to get a better feel for what the student really want.
The cable TV is a big issue that they would love to hash out, and not having
cable TV could help with funds toward better Internet connections. Basically,
the students need to speak up on what they want.
2. Old Business
a. Blood Battle-Email Hannah!
3. New Business
a. Cable- is someone interested in heading a small task force to gather student’s
opinions on having cable in the residence halls and dorms. It might be helpful
to see what our contract with ComCast actually looks like.
i. Based on our little poll  Rochelle watches cable (sometimes), and
EVERYONE streams Netflix. The simplest question would be to ask
how much people use cable.
ii. Is our streaming legal?
iii. Stream Netflix in the dorms (Voorhees does)
iv. If presented to student body, it needs to be presented in a way that
doesn’t sound like we are taking away the student cable.
v. Should we do an informal general survey, especially in the dorms,
cottages, and apartments? Maybe keep it in the cottages and
apartments because it may be used more there.
vi. We need to be educated before we spread the word.
vii. Can someone step up to talk to CIT- Tyson and Israel
4. Committee Updates
a. Green Team- There is composting in some cottages, but not all of them.
Phelps is doing a composting program, and it is going well so they want to
implement it in all the other dorms. They want to make a compost team,
which would be student workers.
b. Athletic Committee- Discussed new rule regulations for NCAA, and talked
about a faculty-student athlete roles and relationships.
c. Administrative Affairs- Talked about a Copy Right board, with professors.
The board wants an equal representation within all the departments on
5. Task Force Updates
a. Internal Strengthening- Event last week was a success. A Christmas party is
in the process of being planned; keep an eye out for the details. The logo is
b. Community Relations- RELAY IS FRIDAY!! $20 away from our goal  Please
pay the registration fee by Thursday! Be on time for your walk. If you are
brining furniture, bring it by 6pm Friday. At 2:30am come support Andrew in
the Pageant, and bring money!! There are four theme hours so check them
i. Fundraiser Tomorrow  Selling pizza in the dorms. $1 per slice.
Everything is ready and set up for that. Be on time at the dorms, be
ready for delivery between 8:45 and 8:55pm. Do not, under any
circumstances, knock on doors to sell the pizza.
ii. Dance Marathon  There are some fundraisers coming up. BBW
fundraiser tomorrow, 20% of your purchase goes to DM  November
19th there is a Spaghetti dinner for $5. We have Chloe again, and were
planning an event with her family. November 22nd there is a Griffins
Game and the tickets are $15.
c. Campus Relations- More hand sanitizers in Phelps! Yay!! The suggestion
boxes are almost made, and they look great!
d. Sustainability- Meeting after the general congress meeting. We’re starting a
new project where student organizations and departments can decorate