Congress ­ 11/09/15  1. Attendance/Prayer  a. New members!  2. Icebreaker 

Congress ­ 11/09/15 1. Attendance/Prayer a. New members! 2. Icebreaker 3. Committee updates a. Campus Life Board ­ Shiku i.
Love your Melon group wanted to take a trip, the request was tabled for further discussion ii.
Orthodox Christian group ­ wanted to become an official group, was tabled until they make a group mission statement iii.
Pornography ­ do we filter results on campus? It was decided that Hope will not filter; it’s not Hope’s policy to intervene, but there will be more groups for students to discuss and talk if wanted. 1. Reach out to Dean Frost with questions, thoughts, etc. b. Academic Affairs ­ Alison i.
Key performance indicators to measure our progress on each goal in the ten year plan ii.
Specific goal related to religious activity needs a student representative to help decide how to measure the goal ­ hopefully a congress representative 4. Task Force Updates a. Visibility ­ Spencer i.
Like the Facebook page! ii.
Pinwheels in the pine grove representing the number of students on campus that will be sexually assaulted during their time at Hope. 5. Safety statement to release to the campus community a. See attachment. i.
Statement passed b. Make clear that it is not that more incidents happening on campus, but that they are actually being reported, and are now required to tell us. 6. Relay For Life ­ Watch your emails for additional information from Gaby! 
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