How to Run Course Evaluation Reports in Digital Measures Digital Measures

How to Run Course Evaluation Reports in Digital Measures
Instructions for new interface effective January 2016
1) Log on to Digital Measures using your WSSU email username (do not include and password.
2) Click the dropdown menu beside “Report”
a. If you are pulling a report for a term before Spring 2015 you will choose from the following instruments:
i. Course Evaluation – University
ii. Course Evaluation – University, Distance Learning
iii. Course Evaluation – University, Midterm
iv. Course Evaluation – University, Writing in the Major (WIM)
b. If you are pulling a report for Spring 2015 or after, you will choose the WSSU Course Evaluation – University instrument (at the very bottom of
the list—they are alphabetical).
The remainder of these instructions will be for reports for Spring 2015 or later.
3) You can pull a Faculty Evaluation Report, which shows percentages of each answer choice for each question or a Faculty Evaluation Report (2 column),
which combines percentages for positive and negative answers for each question. You cannot pull a report that includes the mean scores, but you may
request the Ad Hoc report from Ginny Moench at 336-750-8636 or [email protected]
4) After choosing a report you will see the following screen:
5) The Term will automatically default to the most recent report available, which may or may not be the term you need to pull. Unless you know for sure
which phase your class(es) were taught, it is best to “Change Selection” and check all of the phases for the term.
6) You have three options for how to summarize your data. The first is the most commonly used setting as it allows you to view all courses separately. The
second is only useful if you taught multiple sections of a course/ multiple courses, and the third is appropriate if you would like to see an aggregate
report of all your course evaluations.
a. List each section of each course separately (the default)
b. Summarize all sections of the same course together
c. Summarize together all sections and courses taught by instructor
You have two options for “Show: Did you take this course with this instructor”. We recommend leaving this on the default of “No” unless your class was
team taught or instructors changed at any point during the semester.
7) For file format we recommend using a PDF, although Microsoft Word (.doc) and HTML are also available.
8) Once all selections have been made, click “Run Report” at the top right portion of the page
Your report is now complete!
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Ginny Moench at 336-750-8636 or [email protected]