Taxonomy - Bluebird Classification Name: ________________________________________ Section: _______________

Name: ________________________________________ Section: _______________
Taxonomy - Bluebird Classification
1. Watch the online video Tree of Life. on the right pointing arrow at the bottom of the prezi window. The video will open.)
2. Chart the Classification of the Eastern Bluebird or Western Bluebird.
Classification -
Use the Animal Diversity Web site
Begin by documenting the appropriate Kingdom. On each webpage, select the link that applies
to the Bluebird. Before you click on it, WRITE the name on this sheet.
You are building, step by step, a classification chart.
Two tips: Sialia sialis are perching birds that are related to thrushes.
Eukaryotes - (Protista, Plants, Fungi, Animals, Monera)
Taxonomy – classification of living things
Eastern Bluebird
Western Bluebird
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