Propaganda Project

Example from 1984: “From
where Winston stood it was
just possible to read, picked
out at on its white face in
elegant lettering, the three
slogans of the
This quote
shows glittering generalities
because it uses three slogans
that use large and inviting
words. The words that would
really pop out at someone
would be PEACE, FREEDOM,
and STRENGTH. These words
from Big Brother would cause
the people to fear him and
show his authority over them.
Big Brother is using the
technique of a slogan to keep
reminding his people who is in
charge. It also shows the way
Big Brother wanted the people
to think.
This ad shows glittering generalities. It uses the word
HOPE. This is glittering generalities because the word
HOPE is a word that attracts people and is a positive
word. Americans were looking for a new person to
represent them and to make things better for them.
The word HOPE gives them a positive outlook on
Obama’s presidency. The slogan “HOPE” always will
remind people of Obama and the positive things he has
to bring to his presidency.
Example from 1984
This is testimonial because it
shows the power Big Brother
has. With the picture, it is a
reminder to the people that
Big Brother has the power
over everyone. Big Brother is
showing he will approve of
anyone who follows his rules
and thinks the way he does.
Everyone respects him for the
most part and knows he is
experienced in ruling his
This commercial represents
testimonial. It represents testimonial
because a well-known athletic, Drew
Brees, is promoting the product.
When fans see their favorite player or
a football icon, they will want to buy
the same product he uses. It shows
that Drew Brees approves the
product, so other people will want to
try it. Testimonial gives people to
urge to buy a product by using their
favorite celebrity or a famous icon.
Example from 1984:
During Hate
Week, a bunch of people would shout
and scream trying to get people to hate
the enemy. They would use words,
songs, speeches, and posters to have
the whole country go against the
enemy. Once someone seems a large
group of people rallying against an
enemy, they will want to join in so they
don’t look like outsiders. If you didn’t
join in on the rally, everyone would
look at you like you didn’t belong.
This ad “We Can Do It!” follows
the propaganda technique,
bandwagon. Using the word
“we”, it shows that everyone
can be involved to accomplish
something. This is promoting the
war and telling everyone they
should get involved to help out.
Also, by using the word “we”, it
is saying whoever isn’t involved
will be left out and an outsider.
This ad is telling everyone to
join in on helping the war and
helping the country win.
This quote describes the
propaganda technique transfer.
The poster has a picture of Big
Brother reminds the people that
he is in charge and has all the
authority. It causes fear in the
people when his eyes “follow you
when you move”. There are
posters all over the country
making sure the people don’t
forget who is in charge and who
they should respect. By causing
people fear, it makes them
respect and approve Big Brother
This ad explains the propaganda
technique transfer. Uncle Sam is
trying to transfer your pride in the
country to help out in the war. It
shows Uncle Sam and the United
States are counting on you to help
the war. The ad is transferring
Uncle Sam’s pride and effort to you
feeling the same.
Example from 1984:
quote from 1984 is an example of
name calling. It is name calling
because it uses a number of very
negative words, such as
“massacres, rapings, torture,
prisoners, bombing, lying,
aggressions, and broken”. These
words cause fear in people
because of the scary images they
imagine. A man is talking during
Hate Week and is trying to
convince the people to hate the
enemy because of these awful and
fearful things. The words are
allowing the country where
Winston lives to hate their enemy
even more than they did before.
This commercial using the
naming calling technique. This
commercial is about Barack
Obama and the things he is
promising the citizens of the
U.S, but not letting happening.
The commercial says all the
negative things about Barack
Obama and makes you want to
believe what he is doing wrong.
It is arousing prejudice by
making citizens dislike Obama
and vote for John McCain. The
commercial is trying to give
citizens a different opinion of
Barack Obama without much