Name: Michael Chong Soon Yew
Address: 30 Jalan 21/20
46300 Petaling Jaya
Age: 57
Faith: Christian
Current Status: Retiree
Citizenship: Malaysian
Contact: 603-78765290
Ethnic: Chinese
Norvic Corporate Services Sdn.Bhd.
Ryta Taxation Services Sdn.Bhd. (An Associate Company of the above)
Information Technology Project Manager
(6 months contract from September 12 2006)
September 12 2006 – February 28 2007
Plan, execute, troubleshoot and manage the implementation of the Document
Management System for Norvic Corporate Services Sdn. Bhd. and RYTA Taxation
Services Sdn. Bhd.
Converting legacy Service Systems into new platforms
Architecting the servers infrastructure to accommodate the Document Management
Perform capacity sizing of the company’s technical environment and recommend new
specifications to accommodate the new functional requirements.
Chief Team Leader for implementation of Document Management System
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Digimac Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Technical Advisor
(6 months contract)
June 2004 – November 2004
I was tasked by the company to bid for projects from the public sector
Submitted the Statement of Work on technical, functional requirements for the VSAT
proposal for the ILP (Institut Latihan Perindustrian) covering 25 sites under the purview
of the Ministry of Human Resources. Perform grounding of the technical requirements,
recommendation of multi-media connectivity, creation of centralized E-Learning
capability for the 25 ILP.
Plan and propose the functional requirements of the solution with representatives from
ILP and Ministry of Human Resources
Ensure technical and functional compliance with Compliance Tender
Submit proposal and Statement of Work for the migration of data center infrastructure
and 6 core applications to the new Oracle 11i platform.
Perform scoping and sizing of new capacity requirements for both hardware and
software to circumvent compatibility issues.
To recommend new hardware, in terms of migration from Sun’s starffire servers to
sunfire servers, the configuration of the servers, storage solutions, business
productivity, application development tools and centralized console management
The projects were called off after the Government called for a blanket freeze of all
public sector infrastructure spending due to the discouraging economic scenarios.
Arab Malaysian Merchant Bank Bhd.
Technology Advisor (Group Level)
(1 year fixed term contract)
May 2001 – Feb 2002
To advise the Chairman and the Group Information Technology Council on all IT
investments made by the banking group
Appointed as IT Advisor to the merger between AmFinance and MBf Finance
To develop the 5 year IT Blueprint for the banking group, maximizing current legacy
systems for a period of 1 year to mitigate costs impact brought about by the merger
Involved in all applications, systems and infrastructure implementation and integration
roll out for the new merged entity.
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Connect Communications
Senior Technology Advisor
(No formal contract or Letter of Employment was offered)
March 2001 – May 2001
Assist the CEO to map out the strategic technology and business direction of the
To develop the virtual ISP model for the company.
To work with Telekom Malaysia on the portal development where TM will provide the
connectivity, Connect will provide infrastructure and content and the translation engine
for the bilingual portal.
DataOne Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd.
Chief Technology Officer
(1 year fixed term contract)
September 2000 – December 2000
Develop the blueprint for the company’s managed services based on the “Apps. On
taps” model.
Oversee the operations of regional offices in the Asia Pacific
Involved in high level negotiations to develop strategic alliances with companies having
complementary synergies.
FCS Computer Systems Sdn.Bhd.
Chief Executive Officer
(1 year fixed term contract)
June 2000 – July 2000
To map out the Integrated Technology and Business Blueprint for the company
To drive and manage the top line and bottom line for the company
To restructure the business, operations, sales and technical teams
To create strategic alliances with business partners to complement the company’s new
business direction
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Isis Computer Systems Sdn.Bhd.
Senior Vice President/General Manager Operations/Senior Project Manager
(1 year fixed term contract)
March 2000 – June 2000
To manage and support the Mainframe team supporting RHB Banking Group’s Data
Center and Applications
To port the company’s proprietary middleware in C++ into S/390 – MVS
To act as project manager for the smart city MCCC in collaboration with Setia Haruman,
FBSM Bhd. and IT Partners Bhd.
To support the day-to-day operations of the company
Hong Leong Bank Bhd.
Manager Network Services (Head of Network)
May 1999 – March 2000
To manage, support and troubleshoot the banking group’s Network Operations Center
encompassing 76 branches in West and East Malaysia
To manage, support and troubleshoot the banking group’s applications residing in the
To provide data communications support to both the LAN and WAN architecture
To provide VTAM linkage between the S/390 and MEPS and the NCP
To provide telecommunications connectivity, data communications connectivity, LAN
connectivity, WAN connectivity, SNA connectivity and to meet the SLA with
management of a MTBF of 99.9% and a MTTR of 2 hrs.
Azhra Technologies Sdn.Bhd.
System Analyst
(1 year fixed term contract)
August 1997 – May 1999
To develop applications for Swastapark in it’s acquisition of the concessionaire and
privatization of car parking system for MPPJ (now MBPJ).
To develop interfaces between the application residing in Schlumberger’s Pay & Display
machines and Powercomp’s card readers.
To develop and support the company’s GIS (Geographical Information System) on the
demographics of Swastapark’s parking bays.
To develop applications in collaboration with NTL Plc. for broadcast of multimedia web
content and pay per view interactive TV.
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Department of Minerals & GeoScience, Malaysia
Mines Assistant/Librarian/System Analyst
Jan 1976 – July 1997
To carry out the duties of an enforcement officer in enforcing and regulating the rules
and regulations embodied in the Mining Enactment and Mining Rules.
To categorize, label, manage the departments library using the Library of Congress
computerized Library Information System called ISIS
Seconded to the Data Center and Network Operations Center as a Systems Analyst.
Conducting technical analysis and evaluation in a lab environment
Collate, analyze and generate monthly statistics and reports on mining activities
Liaise and work with other public departmental agencies for cross-checking and
verification of shared data.
Perform daily administrative and technical duties to update the department’s records
on mining and geological data into the department’s computer databases.
Prepare and generate yearly annual reports on mineral economic statistics for
submission to the Ministry of Primary Industries
To perform and carry out such other ad-hoc duties as may be required by senior
To support the functions and responsibilities of inter-related departmental agencies to
ensure smooth cross-flow of information on operational matters.
United Manufacturers Sdn.Bhd.
Workshop Apprentice
Jan 1973 -1975
To understudy under the senior mechanic and foreman on the installation of parts,
fitting and assembling of FIAT agricultural tractors.
Expectations: Negotiable (I am willing to tailor fit my needs to suit and accommodate
your business objectives and targets).
MCE Grade II - 1971
GCE – General Paper (O Level) – 1973
Sijil Am Pelajaran – Bahasa Malaysia – Credit 3 – 1975
GCE – Principal Malay – (Subsidiary) – 1975
Certificate in Microsoft Access ¬ Advanced
Certificate in Microsoft PowerPoint ¬ Intermediate
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Certificate in Microsoft Excel ¬ Advanced
Certificate in Pascal Programming
Certificate in FoxPro Programming
Advanced Certificate in Computer Systems Support
Certified Netware Administration (CNA)
MS Project 2007
Sybase Project Management Tools
Apache JMeter and curl-loader
Microsoft Project 2003 & 2007
Microsoft InfoPath 2003 & 2007 (Have programmed a DMS console in InfoPath) on
SharePoint Portal
Micrsoft Publisher 2007
Microsoft Visio 2007
Windows Vista
Microsoft 2007
Crystal Report
Visual.NET suite (MS Microsoft .NET Framework)
Java J2EE, Java Swings
JBOSS, Java Beans, JRE, JVM
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL &PHP)
SAP R/3 (Project Implementation from user side)
MVS/S390, AS400, Tandem/Solaris/Guardian
Unicenter TNG
Raptor Eagle
CICS Cobol, Cobol 400, RPG ILE, RPG400
RISC Servers
TSO, JCL, VTAM, VSAM, NCP and TP (transaction Processing) Monitors
Rational Rose Unified Processes
ACT 2000 (Sales management and tracking software)
Quintus (CRM Front End)
Sagent (CRM Back End)
SAP BW (Business Information Warehouse)
Rumler Brache business process re-engineering methodology
LAN Analyzers HP Openview & Cisco Works
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Salary expectations: Negotiable
Member of the International Who’s Who Historical Society for Information Technology
Mr. Tan Kee Huat – Managing Director – Norvic Corporate Services Sdn.Bhd. & RYTA
Taxation Services Sdn. Bhd. – 03-77288485 or HP: 012 – 3303382
Mr. Daniel Leong – Managing Director – Digimac Industries Sdn. Bhd. – 012-3663051
Objective: To help support my youngest daughter through her undergraduate studies at
the International Medical University (IMU).
Footnote: Though I have no formal training in c-s platforms my previous employers
sent me for training in both legacy and c-s systems. The skills (both hard and soft) I
acquired was accumulated over a span of 37 years by rolling up my sleeves and getting
my hands “dirty”. Concurrently I fine tuned my skills by investing in books, periodicals,
technical journals & development tools specific to a particular domain which I was then
engaged in. Fortunately I had good teachers and was a willing pupil. Listening more and
talking less represents my ethos in whatever undertaking I happened to be in. I am a
very hands on person. I have implemented 3 ERP systems, 2 on the users’ side and 1
from the vendor’s side. They included SAP R/2, SAP R/3, MYSAP and Peoplesoft.
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