Automation and Robotics in Construction and Civil Engineering

Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems
(SCI impact factor: 0.83)
Special Issue on: “Automation and Robotics in Civil
Guest Editors
Xiangyu Wang, Professor, Curtin University, Australia
Lieyun Ding, Professor and Vice Chancellor, Northeastern University, China
The construction industry often plays an influential role in national and global economies. The
industry makes up 10% of GDP in developed countries, and more than 25% in developing countries.
However, the degree of automation in construction is far less than in other industries like
manufacturing. This results not only in poor productivity but also risky working conditions.
Automation and Robotics applications are an opportunity to advance the construction industry. They
have been rapidly developed in the past few decades. Major improvements can be found in control,
sensing, vision, localization, mapping, and planning modules due to the fast development of computer
hardware and software. Many researchers and practitioners have started implementing robotics
technologies in construction processes.
This special issue specifically focuses on research and case studies that demonstrate how automation
and robotics technologies and tools can be applied in the construction of buildings and infrastructure.
The submitted papers should identify one or multiple problems that critically requires the proposed
solutions, propose an innovative approach using automation robotics technologies, and evaluate the
usefulness of the proposed approach in corresponding context. New knowledge must be derived from
the research in each paper and significant contributions must outstand in the paper before it can be
considered for publication. They should aspire to mark critical milestones in the industry and will
occupy key positions in the academic community surrounding this booming research area. Each
paper will be sent for rigorous peer assessment performed by at least 3 academics and researchers in
the field.
The following list, although not exhaustive, provides some indication of the range of topics suitable
for the special issue:
 automation and robotics such as manless machine to in building and infrastructure
 automation and robotics in surveying processes
 automation and robotics in safety auditing.
 automation and robotics in hazard engineering
 automation and robotics technology in rescue operation in building and infrastructure
 development and implement robotics construction machines
 automation and robotics technology in construction management
 Innovative robotics applications in construction industry
Contributions are encouraged from various disciplinary perspectives, including architecture, civil
engineering, construction and mechanics engineering, and computer science. Contributions should
take a broad and integrative perspective on relevant topics, rather than merely describing narrow and
specific research results.