Senior Memory Book Project The Task As you approach graduation

Senior Memory Book Project
The Task
As you approach graduation, think about how far you’ve come and what has made you who you are. Where
would you be without _________? Remember that time you and your friends _____________? Who could forget
________________? Creating a senior memory book will allow you to fill in the blanks and make a personalized
record of your life journey thus far. Take your time and work diligently; a well-made memory book will one day be
shown to your children and grandchildren and will be a fond collection of memories before you step into adulthood.
You will have 15 chapters assigned. The descriptions below are merely suggestions for how you may
address each chapter. Feel free to interpret the chapter differently. Don’t feel that you must answer all questions
posed by the chapter description. However, each chapter should contain at least three well-organized paragraphs.
Each written chapter is due on the date listed below. If you wish to add additional chapters, such as a friends or
special interest chapter, you may do so. A final check of each chapter will be done when the completed book is
turned in.
The memory book must be neatly organized and creatively decorated. Include pictures, drawings, ticket
stubs, magazine cut-outs, certificates, letters/e-mails, diary/journal entries, etc. Use color, font, and layout to
enhance the appeal of your book. You may also choose a personal title for the book as a whole. All memory books
will be returned to students.
The Chapters
Chapter 1 – Who Am I?
How do you see yourself? What are your interests, hobbies, or activities?
Chapter 2 – Before I Was, There Were…
Describe your family before you were born. Trace your family history as far as you like. Who are your grandparents?
Where were they born, and what did they do? How did your parents meet? Where did they live before you were born? Were
siblings born before you? Note: in cases of adoption, feel free to write about your biological or adoptive side; if you are not
connected to one side of your family, feel free to write about just one side of the family. For any conflicts with this chapter,
speak with Mrs. Ward.
Chapter 3 – Suddenly, I Became Me
When and where were you born? Are there any interesting stories surrounding your birth or early childhood? What do
you remember about your life before you started school? How did you spend your days? What did you enjoy? Did you attend
preschool? Who were your friends? Were you attached to a particular toy?
Chapter 4 – School Bells
What was it like to begin school? Where did you go? Who were your friends? How did you feel about various
subjects? Describe your elementary years.
Chapter 5 – I Grew Up Here
What is your hometown? How would you describe it? Have you moved to several different places? Which stands out
the most to you?
Chapter 6 – Hide and Seek
What childhood games did you enjoy playing? Who joined you in these games? Did you create your own games?
Chapter 7 – My First Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Choose the appropriate word for your title. Do you remember your first crush? How long did you believe boys/girls
had “cooties”? What are some of the things kids do when they begin to “date”—whether it’s going out to eat as a teenager or
passing notes but never speaking in the first grade?
Chapter 8 – I Wish I Could See ______ Again
Fill in the blank. Whom have you lost either to death or moving away? With whom do you wish you could speak just
one more time? Why is that person so special? How has he or she touched your life?
Chapter 9 – Middle School
What do you remember about your middle school years? Who were your friends? In what activities did you
participate? Did you face any obstacles?
Chapter 10 – Rites of Passage
A rite of passage is a ritual or initiation associated with some type of change in status or development. It may be part
of life’s natural cycles (aging, puberty, death of a loved one, etc.) or a religious ceremony (baptism, bar mitzvah, etc.). You
may also consider less formal rites of passage. Do you remember the first time you got to stay home alone? The first time you
drove a car? Your first date? Your first day of school? The first time you were allowed to go to the movies alone with your
friends? The first time you rode a bike? Describe a rite of passage and how it reflected a change of status or some type of
initiation for you.
Chapter 11 – I’m Really in Love This Time
Who was your first real “love”? Did it end in heartbreak? Are you still in this relationship? If you haven’t been in a
serious relationship, is there a celebrity on whom you’ve had a crush? Is there something else with which you’re in “love”? (It
may be a book, an activity, etc.)
Chapter 12 – Let’s Take a Vacation
What memories do you have of travel? What is your favorite vacation spot? If you have not really traveled, where do
you dream of going?
Chapter 13 – High School: The Early Years
Describe your freshman through junior years of high school. Describe your school(s). What do you remember about
classes and friends. In what activities did you participate? How have your grades been? What significant things have happened
to you during these years?
Chapter 14 – At Last, I’m a Senior
Describe your senior year thus far. What have you been doing? Who are your friends? How are you feeling as you
approach graduation?
Chapter 15 – If I Could Live My Life Over Again…
Though you have a lot of life to go, you’ve experienced some significant years and made important choices. What
would you do if you had to do it over again? Would you change anything? If so, what?
Each chapter is due in class on the date listed below. These will be graded on completion by due date and
will be worth 15-point daily grades. The chapters will not be accepted for credit if they are late. Notes may be made
to correct errors or comment on the quality of writing. However, you must be sure to carefully edit the final version
of each chapter before turning in your finished memory book.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Jan. 7/8
Jan. 14/15
Jan. 21/22
Jan. 28/ 29
Feb. 4/5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Feb. 11/12
Feb. 18/19
Feb. 25/26
March 3/4
March 10/11
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
March 17/18
Mar. 31/April 1
April 7/8
April 14/15
April 21/22
The final memory book is due in a three-ring binder and will be a 100-point major grade. Use the rubric
below to guide you as you work. Your memory book is due April 28/29.
All chapters completed and neatly typed (25%)
 At least three full paragraphs per chapter
 Title is included for each chapter
Creatively decorated with color and pictures (25%)
 Makes use of varied resources to create a visually appealing product
 Reflects time spent for originality
Neat and organized (25%)
 Papers and pictures are secured and visually appealing
 Each chapter is typed, and fonts are easy to read
 Chapters are arranged in order
Free from grammar, mechanical, and spelling errors (25%)
 Correct capitalization of titles
 No run-ons or fragments, subject-verb or pronoun-antecedent errors, or slang
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