Emergency Shelter and Housing Assistance Program Data

Emergency Shelter and Housing
Assistance Program
Data Requirements
 Data Overview & Importance
 DV Providers Data Requirements
 Home to Stay Data
 New Data Entry Workflow
 Reports
 Resources and Follow Up
Importance of Data for the
2016 Program
The data entered into HMIS (or comparable
database – DV providers) will be used to
determine if benchmarks are being met, to
measure performance, and to get accurate
counts of clients served
Funding will be based on these
benchmarks, performance, and client counts
Importance of Data for the
2016 Program
Data should be complete, accurate,
and updated regularly
Reports will be available for users to
monitor their own data on a regular
Data Requirements Domestic Violence Providers
 Data Collection
 Data Submission
 Reports
HMIS User Responsibility
DO NOT share your user ID password with anyone
DO NOT use someone else's user ID or password.
DO NOT use your access level to enable other
individuals to view or edit data that they are not
authorized to view, access or change.
NEVER write down your passwords or post them on
your terminal or other obvious places.
LOG OFF when finished using your terminal or
workstation, or if you are stepping away from your
desk, even momentarily.
Important: Your agency is obligated to ensure that within 24
hours of a staffing change affecting HMIS user access, the
HMIS Lead has been notified. Failure to do so will result in
restriction of entire agency access to ServicePoint.
User Responsibility Reminders Personal Protected Information
HUD identifies certain information in the UDEs as Personal
Protected Information (PPI). HMIS users must use special
care when working with or printing out PPI such as:
Social Security Numbers
Date of Birth
Program Participation Dates
Any other unique, identifying number or code
Home to Stay Data
 In order to account for clients who are
currently being served in Home to Stay and
will continue to be served into 2016, data
will continue to be recorded in the Home to
Stay EDA
 It is critical that the current Home to Stay
data is accurate and reflects only who is
currently being served
Home to Stay Data
 Exit all clients who are no longer being served
by Home to Stay - this is critical to ensure
accuracy of 2016 data.
 Exit clients no longer being served by the
program as of the last service date.
 The Frequency of Contact report in ART will
be helpful in identifying these clients.
Home to Stay Data
 Continue to record data and services using the Home to Stay
EDA for clients who were in the program prior to January 1,
 Record interims, services, housing placements, etc. as you
previously have for these clients.
 All new clients served on or after January 1, 2016 should NOT
be recorded in Home to Stay. There should be NO new
entries after that date.
 The data will be combined with data from the new program
on our end to measure benchmarks and performance related
to payments.
New Data Entry Workflow
The Data Entry Workflow will be the same for clients who
enter the program from Shelter and Places not Meant for
The important distinction is which EDA you use to enter these
Clients Entering From Your Shelter – use your shelter EDA
Clients Entering From Streets/Non-Funded Shelter – use the
Services Only EDA that has been set up for your agency
Setting Your Enter Data As
The first thing you MUST
do after you log into
ServicePoint is to Click on
the words “Enter Data As”.
And choose the program
you are going to do data
entry for.
Setting Your Enter Data As
Choose the program
you are going to do
data entry for from the
dialog by clicking on
the green + next to
that program.
Choose ClientPoint
Add Entry/Exit
Entry date should reflect the date the client entered shelter or began
being served by the program for non-fixed and services only providers.
Add Entry
Multiple Assessments
 Assessments in the Entry, Interim, and Exit screens will
appear a little different with the new program
 There will now be multiple assessments to answer UDE
fields and Program Specific fields
 This will be similar to the way in which STEP Data has been
captured on a separate assessment inside the Entry. The data
collected is virtually the same, but the entry assessments
have just been split out a little more.
Fill Out the UDE Entry
Click on and Fill Out the Program
Specific Assessment Tab
Click on other Household
Members to Complete Their
Entry Assessments
Save and Exit
When data has been saved on all household members, save and exit
Add Interim Review to Record
VI-SPDAT & Housing Stability Plan
Add Interim Review
Select Type and Review Date
Type = Update
Review Date =
Date the VISPDAT was
Fill Out VI-SPDAT Information and
Housing Stability Plan Information
should be
for all clients
in the
program for
14 days
Save and Exit
When data has been saved, click save and exit
Add Services Based on Housing
Stability Plan as Provided
Always use “Add Multiple
Services” to add services to a
client record
Include Household Members in
the Service
Fill Out Service Fields
Use “Add Another” to Add
More than one Service
Save and Exit when you have
finished recording services
Recording an End of Program
Participation Service
When a client has ended
program participation/navigator
services, add a service with a
Service Type of
Housing/Shelter and a
Provider Specific Service of
End of Program Participation
**Note: this may be after
Exit from shelter/program
Add Interim Reviews as
Data Updates are Needed
Add Exit When Client Exits
Shelter or Services Only Project
Exit date should reflect
date the client left
shelter or the services
only program.
If the client
discontinues services at
the same time that they
exit the program,
remember to add an
End of Program
Participation Service
Record Date, Reason for
Leaving, and Destination
Destination Data will be used for
Performance Measures
Exit Destinations
Performance Measure Categories
Ongoing Subsidy Type
Fill Out/Update Exit
Update the Exit Assessment for
Each Household Member
Save and Exit
When data has been saved, click save and exit
Continue to Add Services
After Exit as Provided
Remember to Add an End of
Program Participation Service
When a client has ended program
participation/navigator services,
add a service with a Service Type
of Housing/Shelter and a
Provider Specific Service of End
of Program Participation
**Note: this may be at or after
Exit from shelter/program
Continue to Record
STEP Application and
Coupon Data in the
Entry – this process
has not changed
Upload STEP Documents
from Client Profile Tab
Continue to upload
STEP documents
in the File
section of the
Client Profile Tab
– this process has
not changed
 Tools for providers to ensure accurate and up
to date data
 Current reports such as Data Completeness
and Participation reports should still be used
 New Program Reports
 3 Reports:
 Program Outcome VI-SPDAT & Housing Stability
 Program Outcome 30 Day Check-In Certification
 Performance Measure
All reports for Program will be found in Public\Emergency
Reports may look a little different once we have live data
Prompts the same as existing reports – Start Date, End
Date, Provider ID
Reports should be run monthly to ensure data is
complete and accurate
1st page of Stabilization Share reports need to be signed,
dated and sent to MaineHousing quarterly. Please send
only the first page.
All About Prompts
Follow Up Training
 New HMIS users will still need to complete a New User Training and fill out a New
User Agreement prior to being issued a ServicePoint license.
 Trainings are scheduled for:
Thursday, December 17th – 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Friday, January 8th – 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Thursday, January 28th – 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
 New users can register for the trainings at:
* Follow up report training once data entry with the new workflow is underway
Contact the HMIS Help Desk at hmishelp@mainehousing.org with questions
 Updated forms and program documents will
be posted to mainehmis.org
 Contact the HMIS Help Desk with HMIS
questions using the help form on
mainehmis.org or at