Ms. Denise*s Second- Grade Class - Mrs. Walter's Wonderful World

Ms. Walter’s Third Grade
G/T Class 3-328(321)
In order to save paper, this
is posted on my website:
Welcome to Third Grade!
 I will introduce you
to what your child
will learn in third
grade and to our
 If you have any
questions, please jot
them down.
All About Me
 My background
 I have lived in Flushing NY on the same
block for 51 years
 I attended Queens College—
 My experience
 I’ve been teaching for 27+ years, all here
at PS 165
 I have taught first grade/second/third
 I love anything DISNEY and Broadway
My Family
 My husband
 Danny, school
 Our child
 daughter, Liana is a freshman at SUNY
Oneonta and an accomplished high
school graduate (with honors) of
Francis Lewis High School.
My Goals
 To give your child the academic and
social skills they need to progress to be
college/career ready.
 To provide a supportive and fun
classroom environment.
 To discover new interests.
 “It is kind of fun to do the impossible.”Walt Disney
Class Subjects
 The subjects we cover during third grade
 Reading/Writing Workshop---using Ready
Gen as a resource
 Math Workshop (Go Math and Engage NY
resources)—using laptops to take
 Science and Social Studies
 Test Sophistication
*** Organizational/Study Skills
 Every day we have Reading Workshop. (using
Ready Gen as an instructional resource)
 Students follow rules and procedures during the
 There is ample time given for independent
reading (annotating with post-its while reading)
and discussions daily in class.
 Your child is expected to read nightly and log
They will be assessed in Reading three times a year.
Here at PS 165 we use the Fountas/Pinnell Benchmark
Assessment System.
 You must read the problem, maybe
draw a picture, write a complete
number sentence, and always finish
with an explanation of “HOW” you
solved the problem.
 GO MATH! and ENGAGE NY are the
resources that are used.
 This year your child will be taking
their assessments online in class
and will be given work daily on We will learn how
to use it properly.
Please check TEN MARKS/XTRAMATH each evening.
 Each week your child will get
her/his own reading.
 They can choose to complete a
weekly activity based on the
words from their reading.
 It is important for them to study
their words as often as possible.
 They may be asked to take an
assessment every three weeks
on a combination of the words,
not all.
 We will learn many interesting
and exciting concepts in
 We will study measurement,
physics of sound and
structures of life.
 You are encouraged to bring
things from home, which relate
to the topics we are discussing.
 Our school’s science
specialist(s) and I, will work
together to get our scientists
minds going.
Here at PS 165 we use the FOSS program.
Social Studies
 We will learn about World Geography and
World Communities, as well as a few Case
Studies of a Community in Africa, Asia,
South America, The Caribbean, Middle
East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and/or
 Again, you are encouraged to bring things
from home, which relate to the topics we are
 If you have taken any trips to interesting
places here in the city, please share with us.
Classroom Community
 Our classroom is a community.
 In our community, we have rules to help us
get along with each other.
 Our basic class rules are:
Always listening to classmates.
Bodies still while learning.
Never touching another classmate.
Never judging others opinions.
 You are responsible for completing your homework
each night.
 Homework is always copied in your planner.
 I will assign about 90 minutes of homework every
night. This should include at least an hour of reading
for now. This will increase as the year progresses.
 Your homework is due every morning.
 If homework is not completed, you will get a misconduct letter/e-mail sent home and I will record it for
data purposes.
Homework may not be limited to just MondayT
Thursday. It may also be given on Friday.
 School starts at 8:20 A.M.
 Morning work is assigned each day. If you
are late, you must come in and know what to
do. If you do not complete it, you will take it
to lunch and complete it there.
 If you aren’t in the classroom by the time the
bell rings, please check in at the security
desk for a late pass before coming to
class.(Bus students come directly to the
Let’s Have a Great Year!