Applied Psychology Study Guide #2
Forensic Psychology
What kind of training does a forensic
psychologist get
What types of psychology are encompassed
in forensic psychology
History of Forensic psychology
(Lombroso, Eysenck, etc)
Attitudes about crime—where do we get
them, why does it matter
Measurement of crime—are there problems
i=with this?
Defensive attributions
Just world hypothesis
Hollywood effect
American way of profiling vs international
Organized vs disorganized criminals
Geographic profiling
Barnum Effect
Effectiveness of profilers
Eyewitness testimony
Bartlett’s War of the Ghosts
Outgroup homogeneity
Flashbulb memory
The invisible gorilla—what does this video
Interrogation variables
Source monitoring error
Unconscious transference
Health Psychology
The ATT Texting video.
Health belief model
What kind of training is necessary to be a
health psychologist
Is this a separate APA division?
How did health psychology develop?
How is Healthy defined?
Why do we engage in unhealthy behaviors?
Changing behaviors
Behaviorist approach
Classical vs operant conditioning
Stimulus control
Response substitution
Operant conditioning
Social learning theory
Theory of planned behavior
Transtheoretical model
Life events
Belloc and Breslow’s 7 health behaviors
(don’t memorize them but why are they
Transactional model
Social readjustment Rating Sclae
Factors in our appraisal of stress
Karasek’s model (behavioral control vs
Ambient stress
Richter’s Rats
Ongoing stress
Sport Psychology:
How do you become one?
Coleman Griffith
Sport performance contexts
Sport vs. exercise psychology
Sports intervention