Harrison Bergeron research assignment

Research and Literary Analysis Assignment
Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron
Essential Question
How and why does the short story, Harrison Bergeron illustrate the notion of a
system using its power to ensure that no-one is superior to anyone else? Why is the
system that you chose to research structured in our society and what purpose does
it serve and why? What is Kurt Vonnegut’s satirical observation OR argument
towards your researched system in his short story Harrison Bergeron?
1. After you have read Harrison Bergeron you are required to conduct a short
research assignment as well as a literary analysis.
2. Conduct focused research on systems that are place in America. Systems can
be investigated within the social, cultural, economic or political sector.
Choose a system that interests YOU!
3. Be specific in the system that you choose. A broad system such as the
government for example is not focused sufficiently. If you choose to research
the government, select a specific sector within the government.
4. Tabulate notes on your research. Make sure to use primary sources.
Wikipedia is not a primary source!
5. Work through your annotated notes on Harrison Bergeron and select quotes
that either support or oppose the system that you have researched.
6. Write a research and literary analysis essay in which you answer the
essential question. Note: your essay is NOT opinion based but researched
based and strongly supported by literary analysis.
7. Your essay will be a unique one. It can either be a comparative piece or an
opposition piece. This depends on the research that you have conducted and
the results thereof.
8. Assignment length: a minimum of 2 typed pages.
9. Clear analysis, correct grammar and citations are essential for this
Research and writing dates in class:
2 April: Booked mobile Lab #2: Research time and conference time with Mrs. K
6 April: Booked Mobile Lab #2: Research wrap-up and writing time
Assignment Due Date:
Essays must be handed in at the beginning of class: 8 April.
NO late work will be accepted.