Unit 2-1 Worksheet - English through Media



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Junior Vocab 2-1 Worksheet animadversion avid brackish celerity gambit halcyon histrionic incendiary Completing the Sentence: Choose the word that best completes each sentence. You may have to change the word ending. 1. The __________________ with which he accepted our invitation to dinner suggested that he was badly in need of a good meal. 2. The tons of ________________ material ignited and turned the waste disposal plant into a roaring inferno. 3My brother is such a(n) ________________collector of toy soldiers that I sometimes think our house has been invaded by a pint-sized army. 4. We looked back on those ___________________ years before the war broke out as a kind of “golden age” in our history. 5. As an employee of the local polling service last summer, it was my job to _______________ people on the street and ask their opinions. 6. To our dismay, we discovered that the water we had worked so hard to bring to the surface was too ____________________ for human consumption. 7. On the return trip, we cut straight through the meadows rather than take the more _________________ path along the river. 8. Any book on chess strategy usually discusses the standard opening move, such as the “knight’s _______________.” 9. Saying that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” is not an effective response to their ____________________ on your conduct. 10. To be really convincing on stage, an opera singer must possess both vocal and ______________________ abilities. Synonyms: Choose the word that is most nearly like the words below. 11. was taken in by her STRATEGEM 12. swam in the BRINY water _____________________ _____________________ 13. apologized for his unnecessary REBUKE 14. memories of our SERENE beginnings 15. CONFRONTED the thief at the door 16. completed the job with ALACRITY _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ 17. took an INDIRECT route _____________________ Antonyms: Choose the word that is most nearly the opposite of the words below. 18. identified the PEACEMAKER 19. make a very LOW-KEYED plea for mercy _____________________ _____________________ 20. one of the most RELUCTANT perticipants _____________________

ADDITIONAL HW Nights: Write a sentence using the vocabulary words. Circle the vocab. Word and underline all clue words. Use a separate paper for each. Write Unit 1-2 first 5 (HW#2) and 2 nd 5 at the top (HW#3).