Science Syllabus 2015-16

Comfort Middle School
7th Grade Science Syllabus
Welcome to the wonderful world of discovery in 7th Grade Science.
Teacher: Mrs. Walden
Phone: call the office
Email Address:
[email protected]
Fourth Period M-F (10:45-11:35am)
Course Description:
7th Grade science integrates all disciplines of science (Life, Earth, Chemistry, and Physics) and their interaction.
The main focus will be Life Science.
Major Objectives:
1st 6-weeks – Lab Safety, Scientific Method, Food chains & webs, Force/Motion/Energy
2nd 6-weeks – Natural Disasters and Environmental Impacts, Requirements for Life, Solar System
3rd 6-weeks – Space Exploration & Travel, Ecosystems and Organisms in the Environment
4th 6-weeks – Cell Structure and Function, Structure and Function of Living Systems
5th 6-weeks – Homeostasis, Physical, Chemical, and Energy Changes in Digestion
6th 6-weeks – Genetics, Genetic Variations and Adaptations
Grading Scale: Tests/Projects 40%, Labs 40%, Quizzes/Daily Work/HW 20%
Textbook & Resources:
Science Fusion: New Energy for Science!, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Copyright 2015.
Lessons & Instructional Focus Document & Project Based Learning Activities, 2013-2014.
Copies of all papers and lessons can be accessed on Mrs. Walden’s webpage by going to CMS website and
clicking on CMS Staff and finding Mrs. Walden under Science and then clicking on the website link across from
her name.
Supplies for all classes: Always bring your Agenda and Laptop computer.
Pen or Pencil (bring with you every day)
Composition Book (usually stays in class)
Highlighter (stays in class)
Glue Stick (stays in class)
1 pkg of Washable Markers (stays in class)
Honors Science: In addition to the above you will need the required book reading for the fall and one for the
spring. Project Based Learning activities from these books will connect to real world science. (Fall: Brilliant
Blunders by Mario Livio; Spring: A Home for Animals by Jane Goodall)
Classroom Procedures for 7th Grade Science
Please read through the classroom rules, expectations and procedures. I will discuss these procedures with
you and the consequences if you fail to follow the rules.
Classroom Rules
Steps for Consequences
1. 1st Written Apology and agreed solution
2. 2nd Written Apology and parent contact
3. Office referral
Be Prompt
Be Prepared
Be Polite
Be Productive
Be Positive
Starting the Class
By the time the bell rings, all students should be in their assigned seat, reading the board, and focused on
doing the tasks.
End of Class
Mrs. Walden will announce that class is dismissed; the bell only lets you know it’s time to move to the next
class. Please stay in your seats, or finish cleaning up after yourself and your group/classmates. After the
inspection of the condition of the room is cleared by Mrs. Walden; then she will dismiss the class.
Classroom Participation
You will be required to Self-Manage and Self-Discipline your behavior appropriately while working in groups
on experiments and projects. PLEASE refrain from chatting throughout class as this will only disrupt other
students and interfere with my attention to teach and your ability to learn. I will use multiple hand and sound
techniques that you will learn that let me know you are finished with an activity and ready to move on, or if
we need to stop and discuss what is not clear.
During class, your job is to work hard and learn. A major part of your Science learning will be to understand
the steps in scientific investigation and you will be able to write an investigation on your own.
REMEMEBER: There are NEVER any dumb questions or dumb answers. We learn from each other through
communication. We will CORRECT your questions or answers to guide you to success!
Science Equipment: Occasionally, you may enter the room to find equipment and/or lab materials on the
counters, on your table, or on my desk. Please leave all equipment alone until you have been given
instructions to use them for the activity that day.
Failing Work: I will assign an OFI (Opportunity For Improvement) as an at home Project or Research activity
for any students who are failing a test, or who have a failing average, to give you opportunities to re-enforce
the learning concepts. Extra work will NOT replace a failing grade.
To be successful in my class you just have to do two things:
Always be POSITIVE
Always be POLITE.
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