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UN Joint Programme MDG-F 1928 Growth with Decent Work for All: National Youth Employment Programme and Pilot Implementation in Antalya

OUTLINE A. UNJP at the first glance B. Brief overview of outputs C. Achievements / Good practices D. Lessons Learnt

The Joint Program at the First Glance

Budget Duration* Beneficiary


Main Activities Programme Partners

3.98 M $ (MDG-F)

36 months (September 2009 – September 2012) Turkey Employment Agency of Turkey (ISKUR)

To promote youth employment and contribute to the reduction of unemployment among young population

Sectoral Development and Clustering Youth employment policy development; Support to the vocational training programmes/ALMPs Migration management Rural development and employment


Coordination among UN Agencies Decent Work for All, UN Joint Programme Employment Policies & Vocational Trainings/ALMPs


Sectoral Development And Clustering


Rural Employment


Migration Management/ Labour Migration

Brief Overview of Programme Outputs

National Level


Policy development, Strategy and Planning


Research work, capacity building and labour market assessments

Antalya Pilot Province


Strategy and Planning




Institutional Capacity Development


Vocational and Life Skills Training Programmes & Rights at Work

National Level Results Policy Dev.

National Youth Employment Action Plan(2011-2015)

Strategy and Planning

First ever Action Plan/Policy Document targeting youth employment Drafted by a National Technical Team: Public agencies, Workers and Employers’ organizations, Academia and NGOs

National Youth Employment Action Plan (2012-2015)

https://www.idmarch.org/img/96df183425bf019edeed6f5568ec17 f4.jpg

National Level Results Research

Structure of Rural Employment in Turkey

Both at national and provincial level (Antalya); -Economic and socio-cultural context -Labour market and employment situation -Rural and agricultural employment

Occupational Outlook in Turkey

Medium term projections on population, labour force and employment until 2020 Preferred occupations, Occupational growth trends, Population and labour market trends

Local Interventions in Antalya Pilot Province

Training Programmes and Rights at Work Institutional Capacity Building Strategy and Planning Research

Local Interventions in Antalya Pilot Province Research

Strategic Sector Scan

• Identification of alternative sectors with high potential for competitiveness/job creation Seed production, cut flower, yacht production and Health tourism

Antalya Labour Force Survey and Analysis

• Gender-sensitive identification of the sectoral labour demand, labour force structure and training demand. Conducted with TurkStat with a view to ensure sustainability

Cluster Analyses

• Cluster and value chain analyses for the sectors and occupations that emerged with the sector scan (seed and luxury yacht production)

Migration and Employment: Antalya Labour Migration Research

• Assessment of impact of migration on labormarket

Assessment of Existing Agricultural Training Progs

• Impact assessment of agricultural VET programmes implemented by various actors in Antalya

Local Interventions in Antalya Pilot Province Strategy and Planning

Roadmaps for Selected Clusters

• Seed production • Yacht production • Cluster Development Action Plan for Dev. Agency

Capacity Support for Provincial Employment and Vocational Training Board (PEVTB)

• Inclusion of rural employment in the focus areas of PEVTB and representation of rural actors in PEVTB meetings • Evidence-based policy making support to PEVTB using the labormarket assessment and labor migration studies.

Labour Market, Migration, Social Inclusion, Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability

• Maınstreaming and integration of migration, social inclusion, gender equality and sustainability in all strategy documents and action plans

Local Interventions in Antalya Pilot Province Institution al Capacity Building

Institutional Needs Assessment

• Support institutional infrastructure for sustained Impact of interventions • Inst’l Needs assessment for İŞKUR/PEVTB • Capacity Development Response Plan

Capacity Building Interventions (İŞKUR, PEVTB, NTT)

• Training programs • Study tours • Workshops (e.g. Labour Migration Workshop)

Activities for Local Institutional Partners

• Clustering Trainings • Workshops (e.g. Labour Market and Women’s Employment)

Toolkits, Guidelines and Resource Documents

• Guideline for Integration of Employment and Sectoral Development • Handbook on Rights in Labour Life and web-based animation

Capacity Building for Newly Recruited Job Counsellors

• Training Programs

Local Interventions in Antalya Pilot Province Training Programs

Vocational Training Programs

• Building on Antalya Labour market research and Sector Scan • 654 participants in 14 branches.

Pilot Entrepreneurship Trainings

• 190 trainers in partnership with KOSGEB

Trainings for Rural Employment

• Cut flower, sewing and packaging • Seed production and quality • Women farmer trainings (good farming, agricultural enterprise management, marketing, etc) • Ornamental plant production • In continuous partnership with local actors

Basic Life Skills Trainings for Youth

• Adaptation skills of migrant youth and their families • Close cooperation with Antalya ISKUR, with their staff

Achievements / Good Practices

Nomination of the NYEAP

by social partners/government of Turkey as a national best practice in employment policy in Turkey in G-20 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meeting in Mexico in 2012: a remarkable example of


Effective coordination b/w national and local levels

to shape training and capacity building activities, supported with research.

• The Programme was implemented with

gender (58% of VET beneficiaries were women-far above the local and national average!)


rights perspectives

, and designed for the local context and closely collaborate with the local bodies at all times.

Innovation matters: First ever interactive mobile (iOS and Android) application


rights at work:

More than 10,000 downloads only on Android platform without any particular promotion.

Achievements / Good Practices

http://www.gezginler.net/mobil/resimler/9128/resim2_calisma yasaminda-haklar-1.jpg

Lessons Learnt…

• • • •

Policy coherence (employment-local economic



coordinated approach

among UN agencies and stakeholders

(‘Delivering as One’)

Stronger linkage between labor demand and labor supply actors


Sectoral growth/cluster strategies to speak with employment actors and vice-versa)

Strengthening vocational skills with soft skills (e.g.

life skills training)

Evidence-based policy making (follow-up survey for

VET beneficiaries; NYEAP)


For more information: Berna Bayazit, UNDP Turkey: [email protected]

Ozan Cakmak, ILO Office for Turkey: [email protected]