Ceramics Fall Semester Final Exam Study Guide: 2015 Best study

Ceramics Fall Semester Final Exam Study Guide: 2015
Best study practice:
1. TEXT Chapters 1-3 re-read use guide to spotlight important concepts in each chapter.
2. Go back over all Edlio posts from the beginning of the semester (look at, study and
review links: watch vids again) and
4. Make flashcards if visuals help you
Bring a fully charged iPAD , #2 pencils, a pen and a scantron on day of FINAL EXAM
Chp 1
Study your vocabulary and glossary terms hand-outs.
Early techniques and production-know them.
History/origins of ceramics –long? Short? History?
Anthropologists gathered clues from Stone Age sites what have they discovered? * what
were some of the first clay objects for?
Preparation of clay? Levigation (glossary/vocab word)
How clay is created: 3 main elements
3 purposes of glaze and what potters used for sealing their pots before glaze was
Discuss the four methods of forming clay and what each involves.
The origins of ceramics: what theories anthropologists have pieced together. Purpose of
clay objects
List the earliest and simplest methods of forming clay that are still in use by potters today.
Firing –kiln and open fire. Where was the earliest pottery was fired?
Glazing-what is an underglaze?
Decorating: incising/impressing/combing/burnishing
Forming clay? 3 early popular techniques in making vessels?
shape and form?
contrast? texture
Improvements in process?
Aging clay–benefits?
primitive pottery and fragility-why fragile?
early clay additives? What are they?
Narrative of Clay A Global Interest? figurative?
Moche people-what country?
Stages of drying?
What key event led to Maria Martinez’s pottery becoming well known.
When did the Indus Valley culture flourish?
When did writing on clay possibly begin?
Chp 2
Aqua boxes: Principles and Elements:E=Texture and P=Emphasis
Properties of clay: Plasticity/Shrinkage/Texture/Moisture-read about these properties
know what they are!
Casa Grandes Revival?
Handling Clay:
Properties of Clay
Difference between: kneading &
Physical Tools! Rib, loop , sgraffito, needle, scoring
Verbal Tools-aesthetics; meaning and definition of?
Sensory Qualities: What are they?
Formal Qualities-What are they?
Expressive Qualities: What are they?
Technical Qualities: What are they?
Be able to write about a ceramic art work using the above vocabulary.
Chapter 3:
Aqua Boxes : Principles and Elements P = Unity E=Space
Know the three basic hand-building methods
Explain how to join two pieces of clay together properly
Adding a foot- how to?
Hollow Sphere- how to?
Tea and It’s Influence on Ceramics –
Coiled pot- how to make? Start to finish. Details.
Extruder what tool is this?
Slabs- what is a slab? How to make a slab properly? Don’t leave out important details!
Read your text. Tools for making a slab: canvas/rolling pin/measuring sticks/rib
How to properly roll a slab? Directions for rolling?
A desirable thickness for tile slab ?
Islamic Tiles: re watch video on Islamic architecture and tiles
Using molds: Drape/Press
What “mold” method would you use to make a mask?
Tile Making –know tips and best practices.
Process of making a design for a tile (transfer process how to)
What is a relief?
Incising method?
Carving method?
Jomon Ware-Spiral Gallery video
Relief-high- low –flat-new material!
Sculpture-new material!
Supports and Braces –armature pg 92 new material!