junk- large, sturdy ships hsuan-yeh- Qing ruler/emperor queue

junk- large, sturdy ships
hsuan-yeh- Qing ruler/emperor
queue- [tail]style that was among the Manchu, mostly Chinese men
White Lotus Rebellion- White Lotus Society, members of Buddhist cult
free trade- gov’t shouldn’t restrict or interfere with international trade
Opium war- 1839-1842, conflict between China and Britian
Treaty of Nanjing-China gave the island of Hong Kong to the British
extraterritoriality- foreigners must follow the laws of their home country instead of
the country they live in
“unequal” treaties- Chinese signed the treaties under the pressure of defeat and
fear of further invasion
Taiping Rebellion- 1850-1864, casued terrible destruction in southern China
and the Yangtze valley
Oda Nobunaga- 1st of overlords, power as a minor daimyo
2nd of overlords, led Nobunagas army
Tokugawa Ieyasu- most powerful vassal, succeeded him as overlord [tokyo]
Matthew Perry- powerful naval force to Japan, Commodore
treaty of kanagawa- 1854, negotiation between shogun and Perry
Consulates-diplomatic offices headed by consuls
millets- separate religious communities
janissaries- highly trained troop of slave soldiers
suleyman- 1520-1566, greatest ottman sultan
kizilbash- miliatry army developed by the Safavids to fight for political power, “red heads”
esma- safavid,youngest, escaped into hiding
abbas- 1587,”the great” bcame shah
babur- babur the tiger, young leader, mongul leader timur
akbar- baburs grandson, greatest mughal emperor
shah jahan- 1628-1658 ruled
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