ABOUT JS Print ISSN: 0128-6730 Publisher: University of Malaya

Print ISSN: 0128-6730
Publisher: University of Malaya
Publication type: Print
Publication frequency: 3 time(s) per year
Jurnal Syariah is a multidisciplinary academic journal published semiannually by the Academy of Islamic
Studies, University of Malaya. The Jurnal Syariah provides a significant platform for scholars to publish
writings on Shariah Studies in its classical and contemporary perspectives. This includes the discussion
on fiqh and its jurisprudence, economics, law, political sciences, public administrations and social
Sciences. The journal welcomes submission of articles, research papers, report on Shariah court cases and
book reviews in the field of Shariah studies.
Prof Madya Dr Raihanah Abdullah-University of Malaya
Editor - in – Chief
Prof. Ebrahim Moosa -Duke University
Prof. Dr Taslima Monsoor-University of Dhaka
Prof. Dr Uswatun Hasanah -Universitas Indonesia
Prof. Datuk Dr. Abdul Monir Bin Yaacob -University of Malaya
Prof Dr Joni Tamkin Borhan- University of Malaya
Associate Professor Dr Amir Husin Mohd Nor -National University of Malaysia
Associate Professor Dr Mohamed Azam bin Mohamed Adil- Universiti Teknologi MARA
Associate Professor Noor Aisha Abdul Rahman -National University of Singapore
Associate Professor Dr. Ab Mumin Ab Ghani -University Malaya
Associate Professor Dr Atikullah Hj. Abdullah -Universiti Sains Malaysia
Associate Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Bin Ali- University of Malaya
Associate Prof. Dr. Siti Mashitoh Binti Mahamood- University of Malaya
Associate Prof. Dr. Sharifah Hayaati Binti Syed Ismail- University of Malaya
Dr Mesraini-Universitas Islam Negeri, sheriff Hidayatullah, Jakarta, Indonesia
Dr. Kerstin Steiner- Monash University
Editorial Board
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Editorial Board
Dr. Asmak Ab Rahman - University of Malaya
Dr Luqman Abdullah - University of Malaya
Dr Nor'Azzah Kamri- University of Malaya
Dr Saadan Man- University of Malaya
Dr Kamaruzzaman Noordin- University of Malaya
Dr Zalina Zakaria- University of Malaya
Puan Nor Aini Ali- University of Malaya
Encik Suhaili Sarif- University of Malaya
Managing editor
Editorial Assistance
Editorial Assistance
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Editorial Assistance
Prof. Dr Ahmad Hidayat Bin Buang (UM)
Prof. Dr Siti Rugayah Binti Hj. Tibek (UKM)
Prof. Madya Datin Dr Paizah Binti Hj Ismail (UM)
Prof. Madya Dr Shamsiah Binti Mohamad (UM)
Prof. Madya Dr. Raihanah Binti Hj Azahari (UM)
Prof. Madya Dr Anisah Binti Ab Ghani (UM)
Prof. Madya Dr Shakila Parween Binti Yacob (UM)
Prof. Madya Dr Sabitha Binti Marican (UM)
Prof. Madya Dr Siti Hajar Binti Abu Bakar Ah (UM)
Prof. Madya Dr Basri Bin Ibrahim (UniSZa)
Prof. Madya Dr Siti Alida John Abdullah (UUM)
Prof. Madya Dr. Abdul Salam Muhamad Shukri (IIUM)
Prof. Madya Dr Shofian Bin Ahmad (UKM)
Dr Ahmad Azam Bin Sulaiman @ Mohamad (UM)
Dr Roza Hazli Binti Zakaria (UM)
Dr Siti Zubaidah Binti Ismail (UM)
Dr Amir Bin Shaharuddin (USIM)
Dr Yasmin Hanani Binti Mohd. Safian (USIM)
Dr Mohd Yahya Bin Mohd Hussin (UPSI)
Dr Zanariah Binti Noor (UPSI)
Rules of Publication in the Shariah Journal
For a paper to be accepted for publication, it must meet with the following requirements:
Depth, originality and new contribution to knowledge.
Using Academy of Islamic Studies footnoting style.
For arabic words written in Bahasa Melayu or English transliteration must be used correctly.
Please use transliteration fonts attached here.
Submitting together with tha paper an abstract not exceeding 100 words. The abstract should
be written in English
Each article must have keywords which does not exceed than 5 keywords.
All of reference must be listed at the end of the article.
Typed on one-sided A4 papers, single spacing.
Not exceeding 20 A4 pages altogether.
Contributions should be submitted in a printed copy together with a soft copy.
Contributions should not have been published before or presented for publication in other
journals or publications.
The Journal retains all copy rights . A written approval from the Journal has to be obtained for
Submitted papers shall be unanimously and confidentially sent to referee nominated by the
Editorial Board.
The referee is to be notified that he must accomplish his evaluation of the paper within one (1)
The Chief Editor shall notify the author of the final verdict of the referees concerning his paper
according to the following procedures:
Authors of papers accepted for publication shall be notified of the Editorial Board’s
Papers that are judged to need some modifications or additions before being
published shall be returned to the authors with the relevant comments so that they
can reproduce them in the final form for publication.
Authors of unaccepted papers shall be notified without any mention of the reasons
of rejection.
Authors shall be notified of receiving their papers within two weeks of submitting
Authors shall be notified of acceptence or rejection of their papers for publication
within a period not exceeding 15 days AFTER the date of receiving the reports of
the referees.
Every article produced shall be provided with 2 copies of the issue and 20 copies
of offprint.
Opinions expressed in the journal are those of its writers and do not reflect necessarily the
opinion of the journal.
Guidelines On The Writing The Article (Font: Times New Roman)
Topic of Article
(Bold, font size 14, centre)
Name of author
(Bold, font size 11, centre)
Abstract (in English)
(Bold, font size 11, centre)
Contents of abstract
(Italic, font size 11, justify)
Keywords: limit to five keywords
Introduction (bold, font size 11, left allingment)
Heading/Main topic (bold, font size 11, left allingment)
Sub topic (bold, font size 11, left allingment)
Sub sub topic (bold, font size 11, left allingment)
No paragraph style
One (1) enter after each paragraph
Job position, address of organization, email, contact number.
Single spacing
Font size 11
Table and chart use consistant format
Table and chart have title, numbering and source
Quranic verses/hadith written single spacing with 0.5cm margin left and right (traditional arabic
12 font)
Footnote using Chicago style:
Single spacing
Font size 10
For Arabic word should be transliterated
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Vol. 20, 2012, Issue 1, 2 & 3
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