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Some words are satisfied spending an evening at home, alone, eating ice-cream right out of the box, watching Seinfeld re-runs on TV, or reading a good book. Others aren't happy unless they're out on the town, mixing it up with other words; they're joiners and they just can't help themselves. A conjunction is a joiner, a word that connects (conjoins) ideas/clauses in a sentence .


For, And,


But Or,

Yet, So…

When a coordinating conjunction connects two independent clauses , it is accompanied by a comma.

I love dogs, but my sister loves cats.

He did not take the money, for it was not the right thing to do.

Alex played football, so Maria went shopping.

George reads

Star Wars books, and

Jeff reads Star

Trek books.

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Using coordinating conjunctions

There are three things to remember when using coordinating conjunctions: Coordinating conjunctions join independent clauses.

1. Each clause must be a “complete thought” which could be a sentence on its own.

2. With coordinating conjunctions, put the conjunction

in the middle. You may see some sentences starting with “but” or “and”, but this is usually wrong, so it's best to avoid it.

3. With coordinating conjunctions, use a comma

(before the conj.) unless both clauses are very short.

Choose from the brackets the correct coordinating conjunctions that will complete the sentences. Write the answer only.

1. I opened the door _________ looked out. (and, yet)

2. She was not in the back yard, _________ was she upstairs. (or, nor)

3. The sun had set, _________ it was still light outside. (or, yet)

4. Do you know his address _________ telephone number? (but, or)

5. Neither the teacher _____ the students are coming to school. (or, nor)

6. I read the book, _________ did not understand it. (but, or)

7. We searched diligently, ________ found nothing. (or, yet)

8. I invited him _________ his friends. (and, but)

Try to fill in the blanks using the appropriate conjunction.

9. The old man doesn’t have much money, _____ he always seems to have nice things.

10. Either we are going to win, ______ they are going to win.

11. I want to get there early, ____ we should leave soon.

12. I ran after the cat _____ could not catch her.

13. We played very well,____ we still lost the game.

Use a coordinating conjunction to combine the following sentences: FANBOYS

14. Biggie Molar has a toothache. He will see the dentist,

Dr. I. Yankum.

15. Carmelo received a new Mini Cooper. He passed all his subjects with A’s.

16. Sue looked at the rocker. She couldn’t afford to buy it.