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Name: Satnam Singh (20140228)

Subject:BSBMGT608C - Manage innovation and continuous improvement

Executive Summary

Hungry Jack's® is an establishment of the global Burger King Corporation and has worked in Australia since 1971.

This report discusses Hungry Jacks which is right now failing to meet expectations in the previous couple of months and the arrangements for nonstop change of the association with respect to the client administration and deals.

This gives the general goals of the association on what part is it lacking and how to execute methodologies screen and assess the execution


Hungry Jack’s main object is to be one of the best Fast Food Hamburger

Restaurant in terms of customer satisfaction in product, service , cleanliness and values.

Continuous Improvement

This section provides approach for implementing organizational continual improvement program. The ways for continual improvement are as follows:

Senior administration

Set up the association's vision

Build up general objectives for ceaseless change

Making the inspiration for change

Making a ceaseless change society

Strategies to Monitor and Evaluate



360 Degree Feedback Process

Creativity and Innovation

Knowledge: All the relevant understanding an individuals brings to bear on a creative effort

Creative Thinking: Relates to people to approach problems and depends on personality and thinking/working style.

Motivation: Motivation is generally accepted as key to creative production, and the most important motivators are intrinsic passion and interest in the work itself.

Risk management



Monitor And

Reduce the impact of risks to our business

Cost Benefit Analysis

Brainstorm Costs and Benefits

Assign a Monetary Value to the Costs

Assign a Monetary Value to the Benefits

Compare Costs and Benefits


Toward the end of this presentation is about ceaseless change at work environment which will quicken the general execution of work place and achieve the association objectives.

Subsequently, I prescribe to convey changes at the association to execute changes and for the endorsement of the nonstop change.