MMS…. Mm-mm Good? -

Marks Management System
Presented by Todd Morrison
Technical Services
King’s College
E-mail [email protected]
Downloading MMS: Where to find it?
Installing MMS
Requesting class lists
Importing RCL (Initializing)
Saving files in MMS format
Sorting Data: by name, student number
Entering Grades, Formulae
Downloading MMS: Where to
find it?
 3 MB file for Win 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
 Not available for Mac
 New User information
 FAQ answers common questions
 Download to desktop: the installation
file will be easy to find
I have an old version of MMS.
Do I need to update?
 Current release is v 3.1.2
 Enhancements / Additions
52 columns for data (A – Z, AA – AZ)
“Help” is more comprehensive, Check for Updates
New Tools: E-mail options, enhanced Search
View Options: Grid with Statistics & Notes, Grid
with Student Photo
 Student records can include e-mail addresses*
 Graph function included in “Grid with Statistics &
Notes” view
I have an old version of MMS.
Do I need to update?
 Uninstall existing version of MMS before
installing new version, if applicable
Installing MMS
 Double-click the setup icon (downloaded from
the SSCL site); choose Setup to extract the files
necessary to complete installation of MMS
Installing MMS
 Close any open or running programs, and
click on OK
Installing MMS
 Change the destination directory if desired, and then
click on the setup button to begin installation
Installing MMS
 Choose the Program Group (Programs menu) in
which you would like MMS to appear
Installing MMS
 the Setup program reports completion
Using the Setup program’s
default settings, MMS appears
in the Marks Management
Group, in the Programs menu.
Grid with Statistics & Notes View
Grid with Student Photo View
Requesting Class Lists
 Information on obtaining a class list:
 The Classlist Request Form:
 Request the MMS/Scanex format
Importing RCL (Initializing)
 RCL file  Registered Class List
 Received via e-mail attachment as
 RCL initially stored in your E-mail
attachments folder
Importing RCL (Open Dialog)
Importing RCL (Data Loaded)
Saving files in MMS format
Sorting Data: by name,
student number
By accessing
Sort from the
Tools menu,
records can be
sorted by Last
Name, Student
Section or
Grade column.
Entering Grades
Grades may be
entered simply by
clicking in the
column of choice and
entering a number.
Example: The fifth
student record (Freud)
is receiving a mark of
72 for ESSAY-1.
NOTE: Columns may be
named in similar
fashion. Click on
“TitleX” and enter the
name you would prefer
(e.g. ESSAY-1).
Entering Formulas
A variety of useful
formulae is
available from the
Formula menu.
You are not
limited to the
formulae available
in the Formula
menu; you may
create your own
by using Specific
Equations eg.
Entering Formulas:
Specific Equations (01)
Selecting Specific
Equations from the
Formula menu will
open a formula
window (left).
Select Output Column
allows you to send the
results of your
equation to a specific
The Formula field
allows for custom
formula entry.
Entering Formulas:
Specific Equations (02)
In this example,
Output Column “B “
has been selected to
display the output of
Formula A*(0.05).
The formula specified
will convert the mark
found in column “A”
(ESSAY-1) to its
proportionate value
out of 5%.
Entering Formulas:
Specific Equations (03)
 Before writing the output data, a confirmation window will
 NOTE: formula output will overwrite any existing information in
the selected formula output column. MMS does not have an
UNDO feature; ensure that your formula output is going to the
desired column before clicking on Yes!
Entering Formulas:
Specific Equations (04)
Column “B” (% VALUE)
displays the results of the
Custom formula applied.
Entering Formulas:
Specific Equations (05)
 A brief list of arithmetic operators you
may need in a specific equation:
Further Information…
 More information on MMS can be found
on the web
 For new users
 Frequently Asked Questions
 Presentation online