Review for Final Exam
Hebrew Scriptures
Study all vocabulary words in chapters 1-2. Write them out on paper and define them and Answer the following questions
1. Chapter 1 and 2
2. Hebrew’s names of God
3. Non-Hebrew gods. P.15
4. Hebrew Scriptures P.14
5. Inspiration P.17
6. Apocrypha.
7. Sections of Hebrew
8. Cannon of the Bible
9. Yahweh P.15
10. Tradition
11. Magisterium
12. Pseuedepigrapha
13. Archeology
14. Artifact
15. Typology
16. Types of writing
(writing styles)
Chapter 3 and 4
1. Enuma Elish
2. Compare 2 creation stories
3. Covenant
4. Abraham
5. Sarah
6. Hagar
7. Ismael
8. Isaac
9. Rebekah
10. Jacob
11. Esau
12. Rachel
13. Leah
14. Laban
17. Pictogram
18. Hieroglyphs
19. Critical reading
20. Primeval history
21. Scribes
22. Prehistory
23. Syncretism
24. Second Canon
25. Context
15. Joseph
16. Covenant with Abraham
17. Sinai covenant
18. Ten commandments (found in what books?)
19. Law of Moses (which codes?)
20. Name of Moses (according Biblical authors)
The religious teachings behind these story cycles
21. Cain and Abel
22. Tower of Babel
23. Abraham’s wandering
24. Hagar and Ishmael
25. Sacrifice of Isaac
Answer the following questions
26. Does the story cycle in Exodus contain traditional stories about the life of the Israelites during the time
they were wandering in the wilderness?
27. How does God introduce God’s Self?
28. What happens every seventh sabbatical year?
29. What are the Laws that govern the actions of priests, regulations for sacrifice, and the building and
maintenance of the Temple called?
30. What are the laws dealing with day-to-day issues that arise between people living in a community were
31. What is the difference between the Hebrew Bible and the Catholic Old Testament?
32. What does the name “Yahweh” mean?
33. What is the basic storyline of the Old Testament?
Chapters 5, 6 and part of 7
Matching. Match the items with the descriptions.
1. Bet Av
2. Shofet
3. Mishpachah
9. Miracle Warfare
10. Jericho
11. Religious message
behind the battle of
12. Duties of Israelites
13. Compare Judges and
Answer the following questions
14. Have Archaeologists found conclusive evidence suggesting that the settlement of Canaan by the
Israelites must have involved military battles that took place much as described by the book of Joshua
and Judges?
15. What are the consequences that Samuel warned the people about when they asked for a human king?
16. What reason did the people give for wanting a king?
17. When do biblical scholars believe that 1 Samuel was written?
18. Who was the greatest and most well-known of the Israelite kings?
19. Which pagan practices made their way into Israelite communities during the period of the monarchy?
20. Which two kings did the biblical authors consider worthy of unmitigated praise?
21. Name the reason why pagan worship was so tempting to the Israelites?
22. List king David’s positive accomplishments during his reign.
23. List king Solomon’s positive accomplishments?
24. The northern kingdom fell to which empire?
25. What are the names of the major prophets?
26. What are the names of the minor prophets?
27. What are the names of the latter prophets?
28. What are the names of the former prophets?
29. Who was the first prophet to have his sayings written down?
30. Which prophets ministered in the Northern Kingdom?
31. Which prophet married a harlot?
32. Who was the model for all of the Old Testament prophets?
33. Who was the first prophet to warn of the coming destruction of Jerusalem?
34. How did the call of prophecy come to the prophets? Was this call the same for each of them?
35. What does archeological evidence tell us about the city of Jerusalem and its outlying cities and villages
during the time of King Nebuchadnezzar?
36. What is the subject matter of the Book of Lamentations?
37. Which Old Testament book is the longest, and most quoted in the New Testament?
38. What is the Vinyard Song of Isaiah 5, and how is this referred to in the New Testament?
39. What were the effects of Cyrus putting an end to Babylonian rule over the Jews?
40. By what actions did Hosea and Ezekiel each deliver their prophetic messages?
Essay Questions (Five questions will be chosen and include in the final exam. Of the five, you are to
choose 2 (two) questions and answer them. Make sure to answer each question in a 3-5 paragraph essay)
1. List the five major writing styles in the Old Testament. Cite at least one example of each kind of writing.
2. What impact did other civilizations (Mesopotamian) have on the Israelite Creation Stories?
3. Give an explanation of the just war doctrine first developed by St. Augustine.
4. What reason did the prophets give for the fall of Israel and Judah?
5. Which prophets and prophetic writings do Christians see as speaking the most about Jesus? Make specific
reference to Scripture, class discussion, and your textbook in your response.
6. Choose one prophet whose writings you especially enjoy or identify with. Write an essay in which you
summarize his teachings, and place them within the context of what was happening to the Jewish people during
the time in which the prophet lived.
7. Compare and Contrast the two creation stories. What are the major religious teachings coming from the
creation stories? How does the Israelites creation stories different from their non-Hebrew counterpart?
8. Define Deuteronomic history. Summarize briefly each book. What is it that links these books together?