Computer Quiz Feb 17th

Computer Quiz
February 17, 2012
Name: ____________________
1) V.O.I.P._____
2) S.M.S. _____
3) Flaming _____
4) Phishing _____
5) Trolling _____
6) Happy Slapping _____
7) Firewall _____
8) Filtering _____
9) Monitoring _____
10) IP Address _____
11) Digital Native _____
12) Internet _____
13) Cyberbullicide _____
14) Blog _____
15) Bash Board _____
16) Cookie _____
17) Digital Footprint _____
18) Newbie _____
19) Offender _____
20) Profile _____
21) Spam _____
22) Shoulder surfing _____
23) Network _____
a) A person who has grown up with digital technology, such as computers, cell phones, and
the Internet.
b) The act of restricting access to certain Websites
c) Sending angry, rude, or obscene message to a person or persons privately or an online
d) Hardware or software that restricts and regulates incoming and outgoing data
to or from computer systems.
e) An extreme form of bullying where physical assaults are recorded on mobile phones or
digital cameras and distributed to others.
“InternetProtocol”address. A unique address assigned to a computing device that
allows it to send and receive data with other computing devices that have their
own unique addresses.
g) The recording and reporting of online activity, usually through software, which
may record a history of all Internet use or just of inappropriate use. A
person can also serve this function.
h) Two or more computers connected so that they can communicate with each other.
i) Someone who is new to, and inexperienced with ,an Internet activity or technology.
j) The one who instigates online social cruelty. Also known as the “aggressor.”
k) A webpage where a persons background, interests are listed. This is how you want to be
seen on the internet.
l) Looking over someone’s shoulder to see what they are doing.
m) Short message service
n) Unsolicited electronic mail sent from someone unknown to you
o) Deliberately posting information to entire helpful people to respond (often
emotionally). It is often done to provoke or inflame others.
p) Transmitting voice over the internet
q) Evidence of a person’s use of the internet. Their existence on the internet.
r) A worldwide network of computers that allows information to be sent all over the
s) Suicide that stems from directly or indirectly being bullied on the internet
t) Interactive Web Journal or diary
u) Attempting to get information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by
masquerading as a trustworthy entity
v) A file on a computer that records information when visiting a website.
w) Online bulletin board where people post anything they want, generally mean and
hateful things