PowerPoint Presentation - The Skeletal System and How it Works

The Skeletal System and
How it Works
By Miranda & Zach G.
Your Skeletal System Has
Three Main Jobs
Your Skeletal System is all the different shapes
and sizes of bones in your body. There are three
main jobs that the skeleton is responsible for.
The First Main Job of the
Skeletal System
First, your skeleton
protects the fragile
parts of your body
like the heart, the
brain, and the lungs.
The Second Main Job
Second, your skeleton lets
you move. It allows you
to sit, walk, run, jump
bend, skip, flip, roll and
twist or turn.
The Third Main Job
Last, your skeleton gives
your body its shape and
size. All people have there
own shape and size so
everybody can be different.
Keep Your System Working Well
Remember to get enough calcium and exercise
everyday. Here are some things you should do:
 Exercise every day
 Eat all the right amount of
servings of each food group every
 Drink at least 3-4 glasses of
milk a day.
 Eat 1-2 vitamins a day. It
will keep your bones strong.
Fun Amazing Facts
 There are 350 bones in your body when you are
a baby, but there are 206 bones in your body when
you are an adult
 Half of your bones are in your hands and feet
 Girls stop growing at the age 16
 Boys stop growing at the age 18
 Your bones are made of bone marrow, which is
where red and white blood cells come from
More Amazing Facts
 The longest bone in your body is
your femur. It is 18 1/2 inches long
when you are an adult.
 The smallest bone in your body is
located in your ear
 There are 230 joints in your body.
 There are 27 bones in your hand.
 Your face has 14 bones in it.
 There are 6 bones in your pelvis
Even More Amazing Facts About
the Human Body
 Your leg is the fastest growing bone in your body
 There are a total of 22 bones in your skull and
26 bones in your spine.
 The hardest part of the bone is the outer part
 An adult’s rib cage has 12 ribs
 A giraffe has the same amount of bones in its neck
as you have in your neck. Its neck is just longer.
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