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London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Community Meals Service
How excellence in service delivery
is achieved
NACC Spring Seminar
Thursday 13th March 2014
Della Murray – Quality Assurance & Business Development Manager
Anita Selby – CPU & Delivered Meals Manager
About Us
About Us
We operate as a trading account on a ‘not for profit’ basis
Catering for 106 primary, special and secondary schools totally 22,500 meals a day
We deliver 400 meals to elderly and vulnerable adults 365 days a year
And we produce and hot fresh meals community meals for London Borough of Hackney
Workforce of 670 staff across the Borough
Awarded, every year since 2010, Good Food on the Public Plate Award.
Hold the Good Food For London Award since 2011 – 3rd best performing in 2013
We are committed to the production of meals which are cooked daily from fresh ingredients.
What We Do
We offer our clients a 3 week menu cycle,
with seasonal changes.
A choice of 2 hot meals, a vegetarian dish
or salads are available each day
We cater for a range of special diets
including low fat, diabetic, gluten free, soft
or liquidized.
In addition, we will serve meals to meet the
needs of Tower Hamlets multicultural
Why a Central Production Unit?
Prior to 2008, we operated our MOW’s
production from a Victorian “workhouse”
premises in Mile End.
We were committed to fresh production to
ensure the flexibility and quality of meals for
our clients.
By creating a Central Production Kitchen for
the preparation of school meals, the savings
would fund our MOW’s, in the long term.
CPU Planning Process
Location – Toby Lane had ample parking
area and old salt warehouses that were no
longer used.
Premises – we debated the use of modular
building units but it was thought that there
limited lifecycle would be inappropriate.
Approval Notice- New legislation demanding
that we seek an EU approval notice as we
were no longer a kitchen but as all the food
was now consumed off the premises, we
were deemed to be a factory.
Approval Notice Procedure
6 months in the planning and completion
Microbiological Testing
Pest Control
Waste management
Training & Staff Development
Food Hygiene training
Level 3 HACCP in Manufacturing
Fire Safety Training
Health & Safety & Manual handling training
Level 2 Nutrition awareness
Quality Assurance
Food Safety Inspections
Quality Assurance Audits
Healthy Eating
Analysis by computerised software
Meeting the current NACC guidelines
Partnership with PCT
Marketing and promotions
Thank You…Any Questions?
Della Murray
Quality Assurance and Business
Development Manager
Anita Selby
CPU & Delivered Meals Manager
020 73645158
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