Chapter 7: The Economy

Chapter 7: The Economy
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“The Warning”
Answer the three short essay questions dealing with this “Frontline” episode
1. The market will take care of everything. . . .Why did this not happen? Explain.
2 What are the strengths of he Libertarian view? What does this situation point out as some obvious weaknesses?
3. Why do we not seem to learn from the past? Explain the situation Banker’s Trust or the Orange County fiascos.
Articles on the this issue in the “Frontline” investigation:
Specific Articles on the Financial Bust of 2008-2009
Ayn Rand
Read one of the essays and do an annotation . . . .
Answer questions:
1. What are the rhetorical strategies of the article?
2. What is the article attempting to prove, and do you find the argument compelling?
3. From what you have learned from the PBS video and this article, what suggestions would you make to
better protect our system from another potential financial collapse?
A Bit of Satire. . . .
Je suis Charlie
Barbara Ehrenreich:
“Smile or Die”
What the bagel man saw. . .
Motivation. . . RSA Video. . .
What motivates us?
Michael Sandel: “Free to Choose”
Who Owns Me
Matt Taibbi. . . Student Loan Bubble?