Media Presentation

Campaign - “Heinz-enburg”
The campaign “Heinz-enburg” comes
from a parody collaboration of Heinz
and the hit US show “Breaking Bad”.
The reason why we chose “Heinzenburg” for a campaign title is
because its a really good play on
words which incorporates both Heinz
and Heisenburg who is the main
character from Breaking Bad. By
collaborating these two ideas we will
be targeting a nation of Heinz lovers
and a world wide audience of
“Breaking Bad” lovers.
Brief History of Heinz
Heinz was created by Henry J
Heinz and Clarence L Noble in
America in 1896. From that
point onwards Heinz spread
with popularity across America
until 1886 where it was first
intoduced to England. To this
day Heinz have released a
selection of condiments,
sauces and foods and are still
Brand Values
Heinz's brand values are typically to deliver hot food
and tasty condiments like sauces to add to your meals
to make them taste better. This in theory will bring
families together as they will dispute over who gets the
ketchup first at the dinner table.
Target Audience
Our main target audience for in general is people who
need food in a hurry or want a quick tasty meal, but due
to our campaign will be targeting towards the older
generation including young and middle age adults due
to the graphical content of Breaking Bad.
For our advert will attempt to relate to one of
Breaking Bad main plot points Crystal Meth.
We will do this through using the color blue
which is the color of the Heinz baked beans
cans and the color of crystal meth, but
because Crystal Meth would not be a good
selling point for Heinz we will be creating the
Slogan “Beans not Meth”. We will also be
making a series of adverts structured in a
storyboard style in which we could incorporate
cliff hangers to make people more
enthusiastic to watch the next one. Here is a
example of a previous advert by Heinz here:
Competitor - Campbell
Campbell Soup Company are
very much like Heinz in that they
sell the same types of products
and use many of the same
color’s as Heinz. They like Heinz
try to target audiences of quick
snack meals that look and taste
good. However Heinz are higher
on top brands 2014 as number
Heinz are rated two hundred and
sixteen and Campbell Soup
Company not being in the top
five hundred.
Competitor - Congra
Conagra Food’s Inc. Are
a food incorporation that
own many different
brands such as Healthy
Choice, Swiss Miss,
Reddi Wip and many
more. Although Congra is
not as famous as Heinz it
is a hard brand to
compete against since it
is so large with its diverse
selections of foods.
Competitor - Nestle
Nestle is a very highly rated
brand know by many
people, they are a food
company like the others
that sell snack and
breakfast products. They
are bigger brand then
Heinz being rated forty in
the top five hundred
whereas Heinz are rated
two hundred and sixteen.