3 religions, birthplace, 2011

Judaism origins
 According
to the Jewish faith
Abraham’s god spoke to him:
“Get out of your country From your
family And from your fathers house,
To a land that I will show you.” So
Abraham led his people to what is
now the land of Israel.
 One
Key Beliefs
god created the world
 God
made a covenant with Abraham
declaring that they would be God’s
chosen people and they would dwell
in the promised land.
 Jews
believe the Messiah has yet to
Holy city of Jerusalem
 The
place where Jews believed
Abraham showed his devotion to god
by preparing to sacrifice his son.
 Home
of the Temple Mount and the
Western Wall which is the remains of
the 2nd temple destroyed by the
Roman Empire.
Key symbols
Key Practices
Holy Sabbath- From Friday evening and
until Saturday morning. Jews should rest
and pray.
Yom Kippur- A day of reflection and
atonement (feel sorry for past events)
Worship services held in a Synagogue or
Origins of Christianity
 Jesus
who was Jewish claimed to be
the Messiah(savior).
 Jesus’
followers eventually became
known as Christians. Christianity is
founded upon the life and teachings
of Jesus Christ.
Key beliefs
Jesus was human and divine (the son of
 Jesus died on the cross and rose from the
 Christians believe God made a covenant
with Abraham that made them God’s
chosen people
Prophets: Abraham, Moses, & Jesus
 Key
 Baptism
– initiation into the religion
 Communion-
 Holy
reenacts the lord’s last
book- The Bible
Holy City of Jerusalem
- Where Jesus died on the cross and
was believed by Christians to have
rose from the dead.
- Home of the Church of the Holy
Sepulcher. The believed site of
Jesus’ tomb before he rose from the
Church of San Domenico in Siena
Origins of Islam
Founded in the 7th century in the city of
Mecca by Muhammad.
Believed Christians and Jews were not
following the prophets properly
Muhammad is the last and final prophet
after Abraham, Moses and Jesus.
Key Beliefs
 Believe
Jesus was not divine.
 Muslims
believe Allah spoke to
Muhammad through the angel
Gabriel. These revelations end up in
the Quran.
Key beliefs
 God
made a covenant with Abraham
that made his descendents God’s
chosen people.
 Muhammad
of Islam
 Muhammad
made Mecca the center
died and ascended to
heaven from Jerusalem
The Five Pillars of Islam
Profession of faith
 Pray five times a day
 Giving to the poor.
 Fasting during the holy month of
 Pilgrimage: Muslims believe in making a
pilgrimage to Mecca and the Kaa'bah
Holy Sites
 Mecca,
Saudi Arabia- The center of
Islam and home of the Kaa’ba.
 Jerusalem-
Home of the Al Aqsa
Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.
 Dome of the Rock is built on the site
where Muslims believe Muhammad
rose to heaven.
Holy book and worship services
 Qur’an
 Worship
 Friday
services held in a Mosque
noon prayer most important
The Kaaba is the holiest place for
Mosque of the Prophet
Dome of the Rock
Using your notes write a one page
persuasive essay on which religion you
believe deserves the Holy city of
 Introduction- discuss the conflict over
Jerusalem and include your thesis
 Body- Your reasons and arguments on
why your religion deserves the land.
 Conclusion- Summarize the conflict and
restate your thesis.