Accounting financial management career fact sheet (Word

Your council, your career.
Accounting and Financial Management
There is a wide range of accounting and financial management
careers available in local government.
Councils manage large and complex budgets, which require
a wide range of staff. The job opportunities available depend
largely on the size of the council.
For example, in a small council, especially in a rural and regional
area, there may be one finance manager who would have broad
operational responsibilities. Skills in IT are also highly regarded.
Large councils, however, can have large finance teams with
opportunities for progression to senior management and
executive roles. Many General Managers of councils have
finance and accounting qualifications.
Education and Training
Some jobs in accounting and financial management do not
require a university degree. There are vocational education and
training courses offered by TAFE and other Registered Training
Organisations (RTOs).
Examples of qualifications you might consider are:
· Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting or Finance
· Bachelor of Business in Accounting or Finance
· Certificate IV, Diploma and Advance Diploma in
Financial Services (Accounting)
On first entering council, you are likely to have the opportunity
to participate in the budget development process and work with
other professionals in developing cash flow requirements.
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