Global Opportunities, Michelle Peterson, Vice President, AOPA-USA

April 13, 2012
2012 International Survey
Questions we will answer during this presentation:
• What does being a “global” organization mean?
• How would our members benefit from a global membership?
• What’s in it for me and my country’s AOPA?
• How will it work?
• How will we know if it’s successful?
“Being global assures that you act as and are perceived to be a citizen in
every community in the world, that you are able to bring resources to bear
when and where there are opportunities, and that you are adept at
recognizing and addressing trends in customer needs and wants on a local
as well as a global scale.” -Steven M. Worth, Plexus Consulting
2012 International Survey
Why are we talking about this?
Declining memberships
• Declining active pilots
• Declining pilot population in mature markets
• Decline in flying activity
• Increasing fuel and other associated costs
• Increasing demand for future pilots
• Borderless world through the internet creates challenges and
increased accessibility.
How can we ensure that general aviation will be around for
future generations?
Are you interested in an opportunity to leverage existing assets and
resources to create a stronger global brand for AOPA and enhance your
local AOPA offering ?
2012 International Survey
What’s in it for me?
• Grow your membership
• Leverage expertise throughout the IAOPA network
• Capitalize on operational efficiencies
• Expand your membership offerings, benefits and services
• Generate new revenue
• Reduce your overhead
• Increase your marketing and communications at no additional cost
Does this list incorporate items important to you and your
AOPA’s success?
2012 International Survey
Summary of Activities
 Attended the IAOPA EU Regional Meeting in Krakow, Poland, September 2011
Strong support for AOPA US to work with IAOPA affiliates on membership development and supplemental products and
 AOPA US launched an International online lead generation campaign in November 2011
providing free aviation content in exchange for contact information.
Generated 6,000 new leads and cultivation of these leads in process (email and direct mail)
 Four IAOPA’s have agreed to participate in a joint membership offer ($45 AOPA US; $45 local AOPA)
• UK, Germany, Lebanon, Denmark
 AOPA US engaged a consultant based in Washington, DC to evaluate the opportunities for
AOPA (collectively) from a global branding and growth opportunity standpoint.
Situational analysis report completed mid-November with recommendations for additional research
AOPA US surveyed 5,000 international members in February to identify their reasons for joining AOPA US and their products
and services needs
In February, consultant completed six interviews with aviation opinion leaders who have expanded globally
 Attended the IAOPA EU Regional Meeting in London, UK, March 2012
Shared research related to AOPA as a global brand
Discuss the viability and appetite for AOPA to pursue a more global approach
Agreement to refine concepts and continue the conversation
2012 International Survey
Key Findings
 Strong interest from international members for a global organization to meet all of
their needs
 Industry opinion leaders believe there is tremendous opportunity and need for AOPA
to expand global presence and leverage the growth opportunities in emerging
 Opinion leaders recommend AOPA partner with “sister” organizations and develop
innovative new strategies to reignite interest in private aviation
 Opinion leaders believe that AOPA is the only organization of its kind with wellestablished, successful programs and an infrastructure that would be capable of
serving these markets
2012 International Survey
Key Findings
 31% of AOPA US international members joined to become a better more informed
 30% of respondents are also a member of their “local” AOPA
• 36% of “local” AOPA members selected advocacy as the primary reason for membership
 AOPA Pilot,, and online safety courses were the top rated benefits for
AOPA US international members
 81% of international members agree or strongly agree that AOPA should be a more
global organization that provides additional products and services
 When asked what products and services were of most interest, international
members were most interested in “international destination information,” a safety
certification program, and international flight planning
2012 International Survey
 As our industry transforms into a globalized marketplace, we all recognize the innate challenges of serving
audiences that no longer have geographic barriers - while maintaining collaboration and limiting competition.
 Growing need and importance for mutually beneficial collaborations that pool resources and build synergies
between organizations to advance and pursue common interests, goals, and mission objectives.
 AOPA US has nearly 400,000 members, representing about 2/3 of all certificated pilots in the United States;
 Additionally, there are approximately 60,000 members across 69 countries affiliated with International AOPA,
representing only 10% of the estimated 600,000 pilots outside of the US;
 US and European markets are mature and declining;
 Countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) represent the largest growth areas
for general aviation and represent opportunities for manufacturing, flight training, and aviation service
providers; as well as opportunities for both IAOPA and AOPA market growth and expansion.
2012 International Survey
Associations and Globalization
• The areas of greatest interest are:
• Membership development
• Conferences
• Trade Shows
• Scientific/scholarly publications and information exchange
• Education and training
• Credentialing/standards setting
• Regions of most active membership presence (outside North America)
• Europe – both east and west
• Asia
• Latin America
2012 International Survey
Global Strategic Alliances Powered by Technology
• Organizations which are nationally-rooted but tied to international trends can form strategic
alliances with overseas partners
• Partnerships consist of cooperation and joint venture agreements with a wide variety of other
types of organizations to host international conferences and other information exchanges
• Revenue-sharing arrangements are worked out on a per-project basis
• Offers maximum flexibility to work with groups that may share some interests but are
otherwise different.
• Even cheaper than other models but also least control with less shared sense of purpose for
the events
• Many organizations face a conflict between domestic national market interests and the
provision of global products and services
• The creation of virtual global organizations, through the Internet, minimizes costs while
allowing for communication and service provision
2012 International Survey
Model #1: Global Strategic Alliances Powered by Technology
AOPA Global
2012 International Survey
What if an organization existed with the following:
Vision: To have a world in which everyone has the freedom and ability to
explore and participate in aviation.
Mission: We share our passion for aviation with our partners around the
world to help people realize their aviation dreams.
• Supporting education and safety
• Representing operational excellence
• Respecting local cultures, traditions and laws
• Forging partnership based on mutual benefit
• Promoting the community and fun of aviation
2012 International Survey
Can I include you country in this new endeavor?
Next Steps:
Formalize the business plan for new service organization
Share business plan and participation/partner agreement with all
IAOPA countries outlining details, roles and responsibilities
Establish new service entity and begin marketing the AOPA Global
Increase the overall AOPA membership and penetration in each
respective country.