Work and Power Problems - Fitzmaurice-CP

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Work and Power Problems
Please solve the following problems using all problem solving steps:
Draw a sketch and label variables.
Write the formula.
Substitute numbers and calculation.
Write final answers with units.
1. Calculate the work done when you lift a 12 N crate a distance of 2.0 m.
2. Calculate the work done when you use a 200 N force to push a desk 3.0 m across the floor.
3. A toy race car travels 100 laps on a track where one lap is equal 5 meters, calculate the work
done if the force used is 750 N.
4. Calculate the force needed to pick up the pumpkin 470 cm if the total work done is 155 000J.
5. What is the total amount of work done if a 54 kg puppy runs 230 meters?
6. If Bernie Williams hits a home run with the force of 520 N, how far has the baseball traveled if
the total amount of work equals 250 000J?
7. If a soccer ball travels 67,850 mm, calculate the force needed to equal 23 000J of work.
8. After finishing her physics homework, Susan climbs up the 5.0 m high flight of stairs to her
bedroom. If Susan’s muscles exert a force of 550 N, how much work does she do in ascending
the stairs?
9. Use the work you calculated in question # 8 to answer the following questions. Susan slowly
climbs the stairs at a rate of 10.0 s. How much power does she generate?
How much power does she generate if she runs up the stairs in 3.0 s?
10. Convert 75 hp to W. Remember that 1 hp (horsepower) = 0.75 kW and 1 kW = 1000W