Filtration Lab Report

Filtration Lab Report
By: Hnin Ei, Shwe Hmon, Rose and Okkar Htin
Homeroom: 8A
Science Question: What filter method is the most effective for cleaning dirt water and increases the
quality of the water?
Hypothesis: We think Filter paper will be the best method to clean the dirty water because it had think
layers that will block the dirt particles as we filter the water.
3 filter paper
2 funnel
1 cup of small white pebbles
1 cup of sand
1 large graduated cylinder (1000ml)
1 medium graduated cylinder (500ml)
1 timer
Dirt (mixing with clean water)
1 cup of cotton
1 paper towel
1. First mix the dirt with the clean water by adding 400ml of clean water and 100ml of dirt( Repeat this
process for every time you finish on method)
2. Insert the filter object( cotton, paper towel, sand, pebble, filter paper)into the funnel and put it on
top of the 1000ml graduated cylinder
3. Use a timer to time the time(sec) as the other person pour the water into the funnel
4. Record the result and repeat the process until you finish all method
Filter paper
Amount of Water
The water is muddy and color is
light brown, there is still dirt smell
The water is clean and clear, it is
almost dirt less the smell get less
Paper Towel
Sand with filter
Combination of 2
filter( Filter
paper& Pebble)
The water become clean and clear
almost as clear as the original but
you can still have the smell of the
The water is dirty and it had a
strong smell of dirt and the color is
The water is not very clean, it still
had dirt smell and the color is light
The water is extreme muddy and
brown, the smell of dirt is very
As we look at our data, we found out that the combination of 2 filters (pebbles and filter paper) is the most
effective method for filtering the dirt water. If we compare it with other filters, the combination filter had the
average efficient time for filtering the water with 6.1ml/sec. The water quality is very clean and clear compare to
the fastest filter pebble, which is most ineffective of all the filters. The combination filters had the same quality
with the filter paper but the rate of filtration make a different between them. As we were observing the
combination filters, we found out the filter is very effective because the first layer of pebble block the large dirt
particles and the last layer which is the filter paper block the tiny dirt particles. This 2 layer filtration cleans the
water in a fast moving speed and result in good quality. The filtration methods were able to clean the water quality
but it didn’t help the contamination the filtration didn’t kill the gems and micro- organism inside the water
because filtering the water didn’t mean they can filter the tiny bacteria, we must use the purification pills to clean
the water. Filtration helps the quantity of the water because as we filter out the dirt, the density of the water gets
clean because there is no dirt inside the water. If the soil is alkaline or acidic because of the acid rain then the
water will likely have base or acidic ph level, if it is a neutral soil then the water is safe. Filtration is needed for
purifying water, to get rid of the unwanted particles like trashes or dirt inside the water we need to filter it with
many layers of filtration methods then we can use the purification pills to clean the bacteria inside the water.
Myanmar mainly uses the filter method called “Ceramic Filter” this type of filtration is effecting for the quantity
and quality of the water but very effective against some contaminated water. Some famous water company like
Alpine treat the water by using purification but with the technology in Myanmar we cannot be 100% sure that the
water we are drink is always safe.