Thematic Learning - Ducklington CE Primary School

Guided / one to one / silent reading
Phonics / Spelling
about real and fictional experiences
Poetry and rhyme
Writing for different purposes – instructions and nonchronological reports.
Grammar focus – adjectives to describe nouns eg. The
beautiful butterfly.
Spelling focus – contracted words, homophones and near
Bible stories
 Understanding place value and partitioning (thousands, hundreds, tens,
 Counting in 10s, 2s, 5s and 3s forwards and backwards from any
 Solve two digit mental additions and subtractions by bridging to the
nearest 10
 Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with numbers up to
100 and beyond
 Solving one and two step word problems
 Recognise the symbols for £ and p. Telling the time on an analogue and
digital clock to five minutes. Add and subtract to solve real life
problems involving money
 Fractions - half, quarter and third
Mandarin Ducks – Year 2
Term 5 – Space and Toys
Outdoor games / dance
PE is on a Monday and Friday with Miss Brown.
Thematic Learning –
Identifying and naming a variety of plants in their habitats. Observing and describing how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants. Finding out and
describing how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy. Naming and describing the properties of everyday
materials. Identifying and comparing the suitability of everyday materials.
Using words in the past and present tense correctly. Finding out about and recounting the life of someone famous. Answering questions by using a
specific source (an information book). Asking questions about artefacts.
Joining materials together in different ways - glue and sew. Designing a product based on design criteria. Selecting from a range of tools, materials
and equipment to complete a practical task. Evaluating ideas against criteria.
Learning how to word process - typing with both hands, saving (to personal account and to school network) and editing work (bold, italic, underline,
change font size and theme). Learning how to stay safe online. Accessing specified websites independently. To compose writing using MS Word.
Using their voices creatively and expressively by singing songs, speaking chants and rhymes. Sing songs from memory and performing to an
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