Advisor and Teacher Resources for Supply Chain Management

Lesson Plans & Posters

Drop by our booth to pick up a poster on Supply Chain Management for your classroom.

We have lesson plans on Supply Chain topics available by e-mail. If you would like to be part of the distribution list please drop by Conestoga’s table in the exhibit area or e-mail [email protected]

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There is a good Canadian video that gives an introduction to Supply Chain from CSCSC. Goes over the careers available and an overview of what Supply Chain Management is.

*best to use 1st one on the left “Join us in the Supply Chain”. 3:22 minutes

Starbucks Good overview of Supply Chain Management 2:01 minutes. Used in the presentation today.

Fed Ex versus UPS video. This one covers a lot on logistics but is long at 20:32 minutes. This really shows how a package travels between distribution center and customer. Shows the increase in e-commerce and how transportation companies deal with this change.

Nestle- -more of a recruitment to Nestle but covers responsibilities of several positions. 1:36 minutes.

BYU Supply Chain Good introductory video of what supply chain is. 5:14 minutes. .

ISM Video- A Career in Supply Chain. An overview of careers in supply chain 3:30 minutes

American Global Supply Chain Video from US Department of Transportation. Very focused on logistics and moving goods but provides a good visual of where raw material, assembly, transportation to store. 6:06 minutes. This would be good for DECA chapters

Excellent Websites

Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council- CSCSC. This is an excellent website that has lots of information about

Supply Chain.

Wall Street Journal Logistics Report. Daily e-mail with short stories on current events in logistics

APICS- Premier Association for Supply Chain and Operation Management Professional Association

SCMAO-Supply Chain Management Association of Ontario Professional Association

OPBA-Ontario Public Buyers Association Professional Association

Any questions please contact Tracey Lopers [email protected]