Navigating this Course
The best internet browser for this course is Google Chrome or FireFox. Please use Google Chrome
or FireFox to access Blackboard. Do NOT use Internet Explorer!
Review the Master Course Syllabus and especially the Instructor Syllabus posted under the Getting
Started button in Blackboard.
Take the Mandatory Course Entry Quiz posted under the Assignments button in Blackboard.
Post an introduction to the Discussion Board (not required) that is located under the Course Tools
button in Blackboard. Use this discussion board to find fellow students to study with.
Access WebAssign by going to the Course Tools button in Blackboard. Click on “Access WebAssign”.
**Note: Do NOT go directly to Enter WebAssign through Blackboard only.
If this is your first DMA course, you will be prompted to either purchase or enter your
WebAssign access code. If you have yet to purchase a code, you can still access your
WebAssign assignments under a trial period and therefore you will not get behind in your
Once you are into the WebAssign component of the course, you will see 3 types of
assignments (Lecture Videos, Reading, and Quiz (CVCC)). The lecture videos must be
completed before you can gain access to the reading assignments. Reading assignments
must be completed with an 80% or better score to access the section’s CVCC quiz.
Begin with the lecture videos. Please watch ALL the videos that are provided for each
section. After viewing the videos, answer yes to the question: “Did you watch ALL the
lecture videos for this section?” Once you answer yes to this question, the reading
assignment will be made available.
You will be asked to read a section from the textbook. As you read the section, you should
answer the questions that are presented. You must score an 80% or better on the reading
assignment to be able to access the next assignment which is the quiz. You have 100
attempts on each of the reading questions.
Once you achieve a score of 80% or better on the reading assignment, the CVCC quiz for the
section will be made available. The CVCC quizzes are a required component of the course
and you have to have an 85% or better score on each quiz to take the final exam.
You are allowed to proceed to another video assignment even if you have not achieved the
85% or better score on the CVCC quizzes. This will allow you time to receive tutoring or
assistance on any particular section without getting behind in the course.
Vocabulary Quizzes are also a required component of this course and are posted in Blackboard and
not in WebAssign.
 The vocabulary quizzes should be taken after you have done the WebAssign assignments for the
section(s). There is a document posted under the Course Content button listed as “Learning
Objectives/Vocabulary Lists” that details the vocabulary you need to know and also details the
objectives for each section covered in this course.
 The actual vocabulary quizzes are posted in Blackboard under the Assignments button. These
quizzes can be taken as often as you would like but they do have a 15 minute time limit. Each
time you re-take a vocabulary quiz you may receive different questions as the quiz questions are
randomly chosen from a question pool.
 You are required to achieve a minimum score of 85% on each of these vocabulary quizzes in
order to take the final exam.
In addition, I have posted skill quizzes under the Assignments button in Blackboard. These skill
quizzes are NOT graded and are NOT a required element in the course. HOWEVER, I strongly
encourage you to complete them. Since your final exam is pencil and paper, these skill quizzes give
you an excellent idea as to how the questions will be presented on your final exam and therefore
they are an excellent review tool.
Here’s my suggestion: After achieving an 85% or better on the WebAssign quizzes, complete the
skill quiz without the benefit of notes, textbook, or examples. Grade your skill quiz using the
answer keys provided. Have you mastered the material for this section (a score of at least 85)?
If you can answer yes, way to go! If you answered no, then more practice and/or tutoring is
I’ve posted all the skill quizzes for this course as one document. You have the ability to do single
sided or double sided printing.
One of the biggest hurdles a student faces in an online math course is procrastination. I have
created a pacing guideline to help you stay on track with the assignments and it is posted under the
Assignments button in Blackboard. Please note that all WebAssign Quizzes and Vocabulary
Quizzes must be completed with a score of 85% or better before you can take the final exam.
For attendance purposes, a student must show active participation and progress in this online
course. To prove active participation and progress, a student must complete a specific number of
assignments with at least a score of 50% by specific dates. Please refer to the syllabus and/or the
pacing guide for these assignments and their due date.
I have posted a grade recording sheet under the Assignment button in Blackboard to help you keep
track of the quizzes you have completed with a score of 85% or better. This sheet also details how
many questions are on each WebAssign CVCC quiz.
Best of luck! Please let me know if there is anything that I can assist you with.