Elements of Reading Vocabulary #5

Elements of Reading Vocabulary #5
1. eccentric (adjective)
Definition: strange; unusual
Synonyms: bizarre, quirky, weird
Antonyms: normal, common,
Sentence: The eccentric person had two monkeys as pets.
2. hoist (verb)
Definition: to raise or lift up something
Synonyms: elevate
Antonyms: drop, lower
Sentence: The dad had to hoist his young son up on his shoulders so that he
could see the parade.
3. jubilee (noun)
Definition: a large celebration to note a special anniversary or event
Synonyms: festival, gala
Antonyms: ----Sentence: A lot of people go to Times Square in New York City to take part in
the New Year’s jubilee.
4. nudge (verb)
Definition: to give a gentle push
Synonyms: poke, jab
Antonyms: ----Sentence: Paula gave Patrice a nudge to move forward in the line.
5. rejuvenate (verb)
Definition: to make fresh or new again
Synonyms: refresh, renew, revive
Antonyms: tire, age
Sentence: The thirty minute nap rejuvenated the tired worker.
6. scruples (noun)
Definition: ideas about what is fair, honest, and right
Synonyms: principles, standards, morals
Antonyms: ----Sentence: Jane’s scruples prevented her from cheating on the test.
Elements of Reading Vocabulary #5
7. tranquil (adjective)
Definition: calm, peaceful
Synonyms: placid, serene
Antonyms: agitated, turbulent, frenzied
Sentence: Some people find fishing on a lake a tranquil experience.
8. unremitting (adjective)
Definition: endless
Synonyms: continuous, ongoing, persistent
Antonyms: completed, finished
Sentence: The unremitting rain kept us inside the house the entire weekend.