Article 1 Crossword Clues

Article 1 Vocabulary Crossword Review Clues
1. A breach of this can get a Congressman arrested during
a Congressional session
4. The occurs in the House of Representatives after every
6. Congress has control over this, whether it’s interstate or
7. The way a President kills a bill
10. The House of Representatives and the Senate make
the U.S. Legislature ___
1. If the President kills a bill this way, it cannot be
overridden by Congress (1 word)
2. Waging war against the U.S. or giving aid and comfort to
our enemies, a.k.a. _____ can get a Congressman arrested
during a Congressional session
3. The legislature of the Articles of Confederation was
ineffective because it was _____
4. The raising of money, especially via taxes
11. The minimum number needed for any aspect of the
Legislative branch to conduct business
5. Congress can’t tax these due to the Commerce and
Slave Trade Compromise
14. Taken every 10 years to determine population and
population shifts
8. If a Congressman is convicted of this type of crime
during a Congressional session he/she can be arrested
16. Where voters cast their ballots (2 words)
9. The House brings the charges and the Senate tries the
17. The specifically listed powers of Congress
19. Congressional powers that can only be used if
‘necessary and proper’
21. This writ can only be suspended in times of rebellion or
invasion (2 words)
12. He takes over when the President of the Senate is not
present (2 words)
13. These are issued to authors via Congress
15. Commerce between states
25. The process controlled by Congress that immigrants go
through to become citizens
18. This type of bill, making a crimes retroactive, are illegal
(3 words)
26. One house can’t do this for more than three days
without the consent of the other house
20. Crimes on the high seas
27. Agreements between states or states and foreign
nations that MUST have Congressional approval (2 words)
28. States can’t change this form of money established by
Congress (2 words)
29. Bills that are illegal because they provide punishment
without a trial
22. These laws can be retroactive, but people get a grace
period to comply with the new law
23. Congress issues these to inventors
24. As of the 16th Amendment, Congress could collect this
from each of us (2 words)