Sun and Moon, Stand Still

Sun and Moon, Stand Still
“How we thank God for all of this! It is
he who makes us victorious through
Jesus Christ our Lord!”
1 Corinthians 15:57
The Facts, Please!
God Created the sun
and then moon to
make day and night
on earth and to divide
our seasons and
years. Without them,
every living thing
would die.
More Facts, Please!
The solar system is made
up of the sun, the planets,
and all the other heavenly
bodies-such as moons,
asteroids, and many
meteors. The planets
and smaller bodies are
held in place by the pull
of the sun, as they travel
around it and receive and
reflect its light and heat.
Each has a regular path
(orbit) around the suns.
More, and More Facts!
The diameter of the sun is 865,400 miles,
which is 109 times the diameter of the
earth and 400 times the diameter of the
moon. If the sun were a two-foot ball, the
earth would be the size of a pea. The
earth makes one revolution around the
sun in a year’s time. At the same time, it
spins once around its axis daily, giving us
light (day) and darkness (night).
More Facts!
Our solar system is a small part of a
galaxy called the Milky Way, which
consists of 100 billion stars. Some are 10
miles in diameter; some are as big as 330
times the size of our sun. Today’s
telescopes can identify more than one
billion galaxies n the universe.
More Facts
If God can make this huge universe and keep it
all running in place and in order, he can also
change any part of it if he chooses to do so.
The Bible tells an incredible story about a day
when he did that-the day the sun stood still.
How did this come about? Did God stop the
rotation of the earth, so that the sun appeared to
stand still? Did he cause the whole solar system
to stop in place for a day? It doesn’t matter how
to happened, but we know it did because the
Bible says so.
Verse Maze: No one can defeat God.
Do you have friends or family members
who oppose you in your Christian life?
Are temptations, sinners, or Satan
making it difficult for you to right?
Romans 8:31 says, “If God be with us,
who can be against us?”
On the handout, with a pencil, trace
these words, in order through the maze
five times, going up, down, right, and