Position Title
Team Leader
Activity Groups and
Respite Services
Jan 2014
Full time
1.0 EFT
Macedon St
Service Unit
Adult Disability
and Carers
Weekdays 8.30
-5.00pm with
ability to work
occasional Tues
evenings from
Sunbury Community Health Centre is a not for profit company limited by guarantee and registered health
promoting charity. With more than 270 staff and volunteers, the Centre provides a diverse range of health
and community services, including residential aged care for Sunbury and surrounding communities. The
Centre receives funding from a range of sources including Commonwealth and State governments.
Sunbury Community Health Centre operates with a multidisciplinary team structure and staff are required to
incorporate activities relating to health promotion, community consultation, early identification and
intervention and individual and community capacity building within their role. Staff are expected to
participate as a member of SCHC team and provide services within a social model of health that recognises
the effect of social, economic, cultural and political factors and conditions on health and wellbeing.
SCHC is committed to improving the health of our community and being accessible to all, including people
from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander background, people with special needs and other socially disadvantaged groups. Sunbury
Community Health Centre is an Equal Opportunity employer.
SCHC is also the auspice organisation (official employer) of a number of semi-independent organisations,
including the Hume-Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership (PCP) and Boilover – Inclusive Theatre Company.
We make a difference to the health and wellbeing of our communities
We build the social fabric of our communities through programs that help people support themselves and
each other
At Sunbury Community Health Centre we are
 Positive – we are positive and enthusiastic in how we work together
 Genuine – our actions will match our words
 Respectful – we are respectful to each other at all times and treat each other fairly and politely
 Open and Supportive – we are open and constructive in how we communicate and solve
 Accountable – we are accountable for what we do
 Innovative and Improving – we will try new ideas and aim to improve in all areas
 Empowering Clients, Families and Communities – we will work with clients to achieve good
holistic health outcomes
All employees are expected to work in accordance with Sunbury Community Health Centre's mission and
values and to comply with official minutes, policies and procedures.
Position reports to
Adult Disability and Carers
Service Unit
Reportable positions
Activity Groups (AG) staff
New Horizons (NH) Group Leader
and staff
Program Support Worker -Activity
Groups and Respite Services
Casual Activity Group and Respite
AG and NH Volunteers
Internal relationships
Adult Disability and Carers
Service Unit Team
All staff
External relationships
Hume City Council
Other community service
This position is responsible for providing frontline management and leadership to staff of
Sunbury CHC’s Activity Groups and Respite Services. The Team Leader will model
behaviours that are consistent with Sunbury CHC’s values, lead and guide staff to deliver
high quality services that is consistent with the Centre’s strategic objectives. This includes,
support of integration of services and activities via manager.
This position is responsible for planning and facilitating a range of group activity programs, and
leading staff in delivering high quality group activity programs across the week for people who
Position Summary
are affected by dementia, ageing, disability and / or social isolation. Individual goal directed
care plan implementation is expected within the group setting in line with the Active Service
This incumbent will supervise and roster those staff who work across the Activity Groups and
for individual clients who receive respite services via Flexible Respite and Personal Assist
Respite Programs. And will provide ongoing support to a team of volunteers who work within
the activity group programs.
Activity groups and Respite services are funded by a mix of Home and Community Care
(HACC) and National Respite for Carers (NRCP)
Qualifications in relevant community care, welfare or diversional therapy. Minimum
qualification in Aged Care Cert 3
Experience in planning and facilitating group programs for adults affected by ageing,
dementia or disability in a community setting
Police Check Required
Working with Children
Check Required
Not required
Victorian Driver’s
Current First-Aid Level
Award / Agreement
Community Health Centre
(Stand Alone Services)
Social and Community
Service Employee MEA
Welfare Worker, Class 3
Total staff management
2.3 EFT approx. comprising of
permanent part time and casual
Resource Management
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Client Service Orientation
 Embrace diversity and actively promote respect for all clients, staff and stakeholders
 Professional presentation, punctuality and reliability
 Effective leadership skills including highly developed interpersonal skills, communication, problem solving, conflict
resolution and negotiation
 Demonstrated ability to manage people and develop collegial relationships and lead change
 Ability to facilitate and lead meetings and forums in order to develop and achieve established outcomes
Self and People Management
 Demonstrated confidence and personal resilience and ability to manage challenging situations
 Ability to work with a high degree of autonomy and as part of a team
 Regularly seeks and uses feedback to identify areas for learning and improvement
Team Work
 Collaborate effectively with supervisor, peers, staff and volunteers from across SCHC to achieve individual, team and
organisational objectives
 Facilitate effective teamwork by providing leadership, support, facilitation of supervision and direction to individual team
members and to the team as a whole
System and Process Development
 Critical thinking and analysis skills
 Promote best practice in service delivery by contributing to the development of service policies and systems
Planning & Initiative
 Demonstrated capacity to set and achieve goals through planning, organising and implementing in a consultative and
cooperative manner
Duties & Responsibilities:
Program Planning and delivery
1.1. To plan, oversee and co-facilitate the Planned Activity Groups (currently seven), one weekly evening Respite
program and a monthly Respite Service. Leading three activity groups per week is expected.
1.2. To promote and encourage client and team input into the planning and innovation of programs
1.3. To oversee implementation of individual clients goal directed care plans within a group setting in line with the
HACC Active Service Model
1.4. To evaluate all Activity Programs and implement continuous quality improvement in line with the Community Care
Common Standards
1.5. To oversee roster for activity groups and respite services to ensure adequate staffing levels and staff client ratios
1.6. To maintain client health records via TrakCare system in accordance with TrakCare Business Rules.
1.7. To coordinate transport for clients attending Activity Groups and to drive a centre minibus when required.
1.8. To ensure adequate supplies of resources required for PAG and Respite activities.
Staff and volunteer leadership and supervision
2.1. To provide coordination and leadership to the Team
2.2. Performance management, supervision, support and mentoring of staff
2.3. To initiate and participate in the review of individual client care plans in conjunction with other members of the team
2.4. To orientate, manage and support Activity Program volunteers and liaise with the organisations Volunteer
Coordinator as required
2.5. To supervise work experience and allied health assistant students where required.
2.6. Ensuring all team members are aware of, and fully participate in, the requirements of the daily operations
2.7. Support the team and individual practitioners in ongoing assessment and review of goal directed care planning
To participate in regular supervision with the Manager
Active participation and leadership in the implementation of organisational strategy for your Activity Groups and Respite
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Program management - The day-to-day operations of the programs, including;
5.1. Monitoring performance against funding and service agreement targets
5.2. Support and facilitate quality improvement initiatives and participate in reviews and evaluation of work performed to
ensure it is effective and appropriate to the Centre’s goals and objectives.
5.3. Participate in program specific accreditation processes
5.4. Assist manager in planning, delivery and evaluation of programs and services
5.5. Be the first point of contact for client complaints and feedback
5.6. Assist manager with monitoring and review of allocated budgets
5.7. Monitor service demand including management of waitlists and facilitate initiatives where appropriate
5.8. Escalating critical issues or concerns with the SCHC management structure as appropriate
5.9. To monitor record and reconcile PAG and Respite budgets and daily cash handling.
5.10. Ensure compliance with organisational and local policy, procedure and work instructions including Occupational
Health and Safety
Representing SCHC in external forums and participate in formal networks where appropriate
Engaging in ‘whole of organisation’ programs, initiatives and activities
To engage in ongoing professional education
Other duties as required to achieve position specific or organisational objectives
Compassion and evidence of understanding of people experiencing the
effects of dementia, ageing, disability and social isolation and their carers /
family members.
Experience working within the aged care sector within the community.
Demonstrated people management skills, including job design, performance
management and reporting, conflict resolution and communication
Clear understanding and commitment to the social model of health
Demonstrated program/service review, planning and management and
evaluation skills (preferably in health and/or community service sector)
Demonstrated ability to review, develop and implement improved systems
and processes to enhance the organisation efficiency and effectiveness
High level relationship, communication and interpersonal skills and the ability
to operate in a collaborative manner within the organisation
Well-developed written and verbal communication skills,
Demonstrated commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct and awareness
of and sympathy to the values of SCHC
10. Knowledge of the Victorian Home and Community Care sector (HACC)
11. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications including Outlook
12. Hold a current Victorian Driver’s Licence
13. First-Aid Level II
Highly Desirable
Demonstrated experience in Community Health environment
Proficiency in use and administration of TrakCare client management
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These conditions of employment, your duties and your location may be varied during the term of your employment
I hereby accept and agree to the duties in the Position Description. I understand that this Position Description is to be read
in conjunction with my Letter of Appointment and agree to abide by the terms and conditions stipulated therein.
Name (please print):
Service Unit Manager
Review Date: 2014 or as required
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