JFK Conspiracy Theories

JFK Conspiracy
From Oswald and
the Warren Commission to ???
Texas School Book Depository
Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone?
Did work at the Texas School Book
Was trained to use the rifles found
Had defected to the USSR
Supported Castro’s Cuba
Warren Commission report in September
1964 states he acted alone.
Lee Harvey Oswald
Oswald Autopsy
The Warren Commission Ignores…
Gloss over of reports of
witnesses from the front of
the motorcade was “echoes”
Willis 12 photos of Dealey
Plaza before the
shooting…the 8th shows a
pic of what seems to be Jack
Ruby entering the TSBD.
While autopsy was being
done at the Naval Hospital in
Bethesda, FBI agents took
X-rays away from the
doctors. They would have
helped determine the
trajectory of the bullets, and
thus, the shooter’s location.
Last minute change in the
parade route- was the govt
The Cubans
Wanting revenge fro
the Bay of Pigs and
Cuban Missile Crisisexiles were not
Left Oswald as the
Castro had him
Oswald was a
This theory would
have caused
Americans to
demand war with
the Soviet Union.
The Mafia
Attorney General RFK took an aggressive
stance against the Teamster’s Union boss,
Jimmy Hoffa, and other mafia members.
The Mob had a Cuban connection.
Jack Ruby- Oswald’s shooter had connections
with the mob in Chicago, New Orleans and
Hard to believe that the group could have kept
such a big secret since 1963!
The C.I.A.
JFK gave away Cuba
JFK would give away Vietnam
JFK fired Allen Dulles, CIA director, after
the Bay of Pigs
Helped with the Warren Commission “cover
LBJ approved it
The Zero Game
Fact of US History that since 1840,
every President elected in a zero year
died in office.
 The sole exception is Ronald Reaganthough there was an attempt to kill him.
 The current Bush was elected in 2000a zero year!
The Zero Game
The Zero Game…
Multiple Shooters!
 3 shooters
 4 shooters
 6 shooters- some to shoot the
Lincoln was elected in
L successor Andrew
Johnson was born in
John Wilkes Booth
was born in 1839
L secretary was called
JFK elected in 1960
JFK successor- LBJ
was born in 1908
Lee Harvey Oswald
was born in 1939
JFK secretary was
called Lincoln
Both were concerned with Civil Rights
Booth/ Oswald were Southerners favoring
unpopular ideas
Lincoln/ Kennedy have 7 letters
AJ/ LBJ have 13 letters
JWB/ LHO have 15 letters
Both Killed on a Friday
Both Killed in presence of their wives
Both shot from behind and in the head
Both assassins were killed before trial
Both successors had surname of Johnson