5. Phobia Project assignment

Project: Phobia
Create a dramatic and imaginative photo-illustration that visually describes a specific phobia.
Phobias are irrational fears. Apparently there are quite a lot of them as you can see from this list
here http://phobialist.com/
Read through the list and find some that pique your interest. You may start to search Google
images for content that can work for your phobia. Once you choose a phobia, run it past me;
together we'll choose one of the ideas to develop further. Shoot photos if necessary. You may use
some scanned photos (stock photos) for minor details, textures or elements you can not shoot
Compose your image in Photoshop. Make liberal use of layer overlays, filtering, color changing,
masks and compositing. Feel free to use any effects or techniques that you want.
You must use a layer blend to enhance the look of the phobia
Here is a video tutorial http://www.photoshopsupport.com/photoshop-blog/cs4-online-trainingvideos/opacity-mode-blend-mode-video.html Try some practice photos to get the hang of this.
Note that this piece does not have to look photo-realistic when done. It can be more expressive,
impressionistic, even semi-abstract, as long as it communicates the concept effectively. You
could incorporate hand-painted elements, collaged elements, whatever works.
This assignment will exercise your ability to express a dramatic visual narrative. You will have
an opportunity to use metaphor, symbolism and other forms of visual story telling. You can use
expressive devices such as cropping, composition, lighting, focus, depth of focus, point of view,
lens length, color lighting, distortion or special effects to express the story. You may juxtapose
elements that would not naturally appear together.
Things To Think About:
 Make it clear, too many images can easily create mud just like mixing too many colors.
 The best images are simple and dramatic.
 Think like a movie director; construct your image. Pay attention to all facets—light,
color, composition, perspective, etc. Nothing should be an afterthought.
 Size: 7.5 x 10, 150 dpi
 Orientation: Horizontal or vertical
 Color Space: RGB
 Due Date: _____________________
 Final Format: PSD file.