Adoration of the Magi Madonna and Child with Saints Lawrence

Perugino & Mantegna
Jessica Samuel
Vanessa Santos
Perugino Biography
Italian Renaissance
 Born Pietro Vannucci
 Exact birth date not
 Died 1523
Perugino’s Early Training
Possibly Fiorenzo di Lorenzo
 Piera della Francesca
 Fellow pupil of Luca Signorelli
 Worked in Florence with Andrea del
Perugino’s First
First certain work
by Perugino is a
Saint Sebastian, at
Cerqueto, near
Perugino’s Reputation
Mostly began his reputation from working with
Pope Sixtus on frescoes that are now lost.
 Only fresco that survived was Giving of the Keys
to St. Peter.
Perugino’s Reputation (cont.)
After completing his work in the Sistine
Chapel, Perugino returned to Florence,
where he was commissioned to work in
the Palazzo della Signoria. In 1491 he
was invited to sit on the committee
concerned with finishing the Florence
Perugino’s Mature Work
From 1490 to 1500, Perugino was at his
most productive and at the artistic
summit of his career.
Adoration of the Magi
Madonna and Child with Saints
Lawrence, Louis of Toulouse,
Ercolanus, and Constance
Resurrection of
Mantegna’s Biography
Italian painter
 Student of Roman archeology
 Son-in-law of Jacopo Bellini
 “Experimented with perspective by
lowering the horizon in order to create
a sense of greater monumentality.”
 Led a workshop that was the leading
producer of prints in Venice before
Mantegna’s Training
At the age of eleven he became the
apprentice of Francesco Squarcione,
Paduan painter. Squarcione, whose
original vocation was tailoring, appears
to have had a remarkable enthusiasm for
ancient art, and a faculty for acting.
He traveled in Italy, and perhaps Greece,
amassing antique statues, reliefs, vases,
etc., forming a collection of such works,
then making drawings from them himself,
and throwing open his stores for others
to study.
Agony in the Garden
San Luca Altarpiece
From Camera degli Sposi