Civics Lesson Plans
Unit 11
March 7 – March 18
(The sequencing in the lesson plan is only a guide. It frequently changes. It is important for absent students to discuss missed
assignments with the teacher upon their return)
Description: This unit focuses on
The student will:
Describe the four types of unempolyment
Identify characteristics of the ‘poor’
Discuss the two types of inflation
Analyze the effect of education on job opportunities
GLE’s: C.2.4, C.2.8,C.4.4
Vocabulary Test # 9
Cyclical unemployment
Full employment
Frictional unemployment
Civilian labor force
Demand-pull inflation
Personal distribution of income
Seasonal unemployment
Job discrimination
Government anti-poverty programs
Fixed income
Characteristics of the poor
Unemployment rate
Structural unemployment
Cost-push inflation
Education affect
Calculating the rate of inflation (cost of living)
calculating the unemployment rate
DaY 1
Topic: What does it mean to be unemployed?
Assign project: Due 3-22 Poster--career that you’re interested in---picture examples, qualifications, salary, duties, job
Civilian labor force funny 2 macro18unempl 3
How to calculating unemployment rate
Income inequality
Day 2
SG---develop questions to ask prospective employee
Job interview---role play applicants and interviewers
Day 3
Topic: “ How would you increase your chances of being employed?”
Lg disc—making a good first impression/interview process poh 3-7 getajobcartoon 10 interview good bad vbad 7 silly interview 4
SG---develop questions to ask prospective employee
Day 4 end of 3rd 9wks
Topic: “How can you increase your chances of getting hired?”
Job interview---role play applicants and interviewers article most pay under $20 article income distrib salary finder
Day 5
Day 6
Topic: “Why might a person be unemployed?”
Lect---types of unemployment 4types 7 4types ex 4.5 macro19 types 4
Day 7
Topic: How does your high school education affect your career choices?
ed effect ed pays
How to calculate CPI
Types of inflation
Day 8
Topic: List characteristic of ‘poor’ people
gov anti-pov prog pbs 10 anti 2
discussion poverty/anti-poverty programs
Day 9
Topic: Has government anti-poverty programs been successful or failures? Write a paragraph explaining---give
matchallpartial pbs can am jobless fill am jobs 9 struct unempl****
matchallpartial pbs many left unaccounted 11*******
Day 10
Test 9