CBE High School Science Technicians’ Meeting
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Room 327 - Robert Thirsk High School
877 Nose Hill Drive N.W.
Potluck: 12:00-12:30 PM
Meeting: 12:30-4:00 PM
Rebecca Michaels
Marzena Curyk
Colleen Brent
Zia Awan
Marzena Curyk
Tai Leung
Leigh Edmonds
Sandeep Gill
Scott Jubinville
Kathy Lepard
Marilyn McLachlan
Rebecca Michaels
Sabnom Yesmin
Nasreen Muhammad
Maureen Simon
Cheryl Waye
Karen Williams
Absent/Regrets: Lynda Roberts, Dawn Martin, Shraddha Dholabhai, Theresa Michiel
Meeting called to order at 12:50 PM
Agenda was approved.
Minutes of the October 29, 2013 meeting were accepted.
Introduction to our guest:
Nora Moughalian - Sr. Manager, CBE Corporate Risk Management
Nora gave us a description of her role in Risk Management. She indicated that her
department had two staff members and were responsible for liability issues affecting
students and building contracts. The CBE is part of an insurance consortium in order to
keep rates reasonable, however insurance costs are rising.
Nora addressed the following:
a) A more current WHMIS program for students - WHMIS for students is not
possible to extend for the future because it is $2/student. WHMIS is a part of
their curriculum (learning side), so she will investigate further if it is possible to
incorporate into a “PublicSchoolWorks” module.
b) Providing a RiskAssess program for student use - She will need more information
about RiskAssess for students and how this will improve student learning,
preparing them for future jobs (work place).
c) Revision of the 2003 Secondary Science Laboratory Guidelines (inclusion of Risk
Assess, safe work practices, new CBE branding format) – the 2011 revision, that
was led by Joe Michaud (Science Curriculum Specialist at the time) with input
from many Sc Techs and facilitated at a workshop at Highfield by Fred Fuchs of
Safety Services, is not currently recognized as the working document. Nora
suggested that the 2011 revised document with the addition of Risk Assess,
SWP and current branding be submitted to CBE Risk Management for
d) Science class sizes exceeding building/fire code specifications - This issue has
been brought to her attention. It is complicated problem with no easy solution.
Teachers & Sc Techs are encouraged to diligently follow through on near miss
reporting via PublicSchoolWORKS process. Nora noted that the CTS class size
limits are related to training for legislated industries and that our high school
science labs are not of the industrial/medical lab type.
e) Student volunteers in science – these are work experience students who have a
very formal process within CBE to sign on. They have a teacher that takes
responsibility for the student. The Principal is responsible for what is happening
in the school.
f) Other topics - Science 14 and 24 text books (Science.connect1, 2) are very poor
resources and sometimes have dangerous lab procedures or labs based on
incorrect science. The publisher had sent out corrections in 2003, but a number
of school technicians do not have those corrections.
Technicians should discuss changes to resources with Marina Clark.
1. Polices/Regulations/Safety:
a) Review of school science Hazard Assessment, part of overall school HA –
tabled until next meeting
b) Respirators, Fit testing/Meeting/Forms - Tuesday January 28 conference
room C at Highfield, 9:00 am science technicians meeting. 1:30 pm it is fit
testing and recertification. Note: before respirator refit on Jan 28 take
courses: M-030, M-040 and M-042 in PublicSchoolWORKS. Do not forget to
sign Refit form and send it to Tim Hanks and bring S-18 for fit test fee of $8
and to order any respirator parts required (mask, filters).
c) Science Safety Framework & safety checklists - the group reviewed the
documents and Rebecca will e-mail suggestions to Safety Advisory Services.
2. Keeping Current/Training:
A series of Science Technician PD sessions have been held at Sir Winston Churchill
high school (Nov 22 & Dec 6)
Next session is on January 31, about “Practical Skills”.
Minutes – Dec 10, 2013
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3. Experiment/Preparation:
a) Ideas for the organic unit – alkanes/alkenes – As per discussion at the meeting
Karen Williams will send to everyone the Saturated or Unsaturated lab that has
been done on occasion at Bowness (test for double bonds). It is a micro-method
similar to the Launch lab in the McGraw-Hill Inquiry into Chemistry (2007) text
page 587 called “Comparing the Reactivity of Alkanes & Alkenes”
b) Biology enzyme labs - Kathy Lepard
Old AP Bio Lab #2 - Catalase Activity in beef liver or potato (KMnO4 titration or
rate of floating discs)
Effect of
1. Salt concentration
2. pH
3. Temperature
4. Activators & Inhibitors
New AP Bio Lab #13 - Turnip peroxidase (Guaiacol indictor)
Effect of
1. pH
2. Temperature
3. Enzyme & Substrate concentration
see page T215 – 227 & S153 – 160
4. Communications:
Marina Clark was absent and gave Rebecca poster/calendars on “Career Choices in
Science & Technology” to give to everyone (sent to Techs through interschool mail).
5. Supplies/Equipment/Chemicals:
Rebecca noted an additional source for microscope repair – Fine Focus in
Edmonton $25 per unit.
6. Purchasing:
a. joint heart order - Leigh Edmonds collected information about how
many hearts will be needed for next semester. As well, she will contact
BonTon Meats and let them know.
Minutes – Dec 10, 2013
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b. Guests Gordon Burrowes and Dan Boram from New Horizons brought thank
you gifts (“caffeine” mugs) & handout packages for all Techs present. New
Horizons has recently joined with the international companies Westlab &
Modulab to provide science goods & services. They presented a short
demonstration & try out opportunity on a new datalogger product
NeuLog: Neuron Logger Sensors - flexible, simple, fast, forward thinking
a set of independent computer based modules, complete with a data logger,
flash memory and a sensor – all in one single smart unit.
WiFi, low cost.
7. Additional items:
Colleen gave a tour of Robert Thirsk High School science department.
8. Adjournment: 3:40 PM
Next meeting –
9:00 AM January 28, 2014
Respirator fit testing at 1:30 PM
Location: Conference room C, Highfield
Chair: Marzena Curyk
Recorder: Sandeep Gill
Minutes – Dec 10, 2013
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