Senior Class Meeting

Senior Class Meeting
Sept. 2009 - Class of 2010
Counselor Assignment:
Mrs. Rademaker
Mrs. Ripka
Mrs. Barra
1. College—What should I be doing now?
2. Life after high school—besides college
3. Opportunities
4. Important dates and reminders
Applying for College
Without exception, below are the top
3 factors used in gaining admissions
to college—in order of importance:
Classes taken in high school—
strength of schedule
Standardized tests—ACT, SAT
Application Process
Apply online
You’ll get quicker results!
– Computers are available in the counseling office
Submit your transcript
Fill out a transcript release form (found in the
counseling office)
– Allow 2 to 5 days for processing.
– Cost is $1.00 and parent signature.
What’s on my transcript?
Classes taken
Grades received
ACT (or SAT) scores
Credit hours earned
A school profile is enclosed with every transcript.
The profile gives colleges specific information
regarding MHS—average ACT scores, grading
scale, courses offered, etc.
Applying for College
Ask people before using them
as references!!
Provide them with instructions for mailing
the letter.
Most letters of recommendation remain
confidential. Be prepared that you may not
see the letter before it is mailed to the
Allow adequate time for them to complete
the letter.
Fill out the Student Information Sheet
form found in the Counseling Office.
College Visits
Make appointments in advance!
To arrange for limited-excused absence:
– Your
parent should call the attendance
center (263-0611) in advance to arrange
for a “limited excuse absence”
– The
college's personnel should provide a
statement on school letterhead. Return
this to the attendance center.
College Visits
Weekend programs are posted by the counseling
Vacation days are October 12, 13 and
October 29, 30 and November 11.
Illinois Central College
– Staff available all evenings except Friday.
– Limited excuse requires scheduled appointment
with advisor.
College Night at ICC—October 21, 5:30pm-8:00pm.
Over 80 colleges will be represented.
Colleges Visiting MHS
September 8—Air Force
September 9—Judson University
September 9—Eckhardt College’
September 14—University of Illinois
September 16—SIUC
September 17—Augustana
September 21—Illinois Wesleyan
September 22—Illinois State University
September 25—Knox College
September 29—Eureka College
October 8—Monmouth College
October 28—Blackburn College
Sign up in the Counseling
Office to see
representatives from
these colleges.
More colleges will visit!
Listen for announcements.
Check the web site.
Financial Aid - Scholarships
Illinois Student Assistance Commission
– Grants
– Scholarships
– Merit Scholarships for residents of Illinois
(The above scholarships are available only if they are budgeted by the State of Illinois.)
Local Scholarships – information in March
See your college's financial aid officer
Updated scholarship info available in
Involve your parents in discussions with the
military representatives.
Counseling office has a listing of recruiters.
Consider your skills.
Consider something that you enjoy—art,
computers, English, etc.
Use your results from EXPLORE and PLAN.
User name: morton
● Password: highschool
Health Career Encounter @ Methodist
Peer Helpers
Explore different careers in the medical field.
See Mrs. Rademaker for details
Only 16 spots available!
Interested in working with younger students or peers?
Opportunities to travel to the elementary schools or junior high.
Looks GREAT on a college application!
See Mrs. Rademaker for details.
Golden Apple Scholars
$18,000 scholarship opportunity
For students interested in pursuing a degree in education
(elementary, middle, or secondary)
See Mrs. Ripka for more info.
MHS Schedule Changes
Before September 23
Drop for study hall only
No notation on transcript
September 24-October 28
Drop for study hall only
– Noted on transcript
WP = Withdraw passing / WF= Withdraw failing
After October 28
Cannot drop a class!
Important Dates
ACT test:
Registration Deadline
Test Date
August 7, 2009
September 12, 2009
September 18, 2009
October 24, 2009 (at MHS)
November 6, 2009
December 12, 2009 (at MHS)
January 5, 2010
February 6, 2010
March 5, 2010
April 10, 2010
May 7, 2010
June 12, 2010 (at MHS)
Late registration is possible.
Register at
Consumer Ed. Proficiency Test
October 7, 2009 or January 26, 2010
•8:00am-10:00am in the Bertha Frank
•Register by 3:00pm October 2 —No late registrations!
•Students currently enrolled in the class are not eligible
for this test.
•Who should take this test:
that wish to proficiency out of Consumer Ed. or
Resource Management
Important Information
Constitution Make-Up Exam-Will be given 2nd
semester. See Mr. Sturm with your questions.
PSAE make up exam: The State of Illinois no
longer offers the fall dates for the PSAE make up.
If you did not take both days of the PSAE, then
you must take the exam with the junior class in
April, 2010. This is a graduation requirement!
Get involved your senior year!
A list of clubs/activities and the sponsors
are in the counseling office.
Key Club – see Mr. Hornsby
Hospital volunteers – see Mrs. Ripka
Interact - see Senora Johnson
And your Senior Class Officers
President: Zach Johnson
VP: Ed Hurd
Secretary: Nik Owens
Treasurer: Patrick Durst
Let’s talk about…
Homecoming: October 5-10, 2009
Float building
Hall decorations
Pep rally games