Test over Wordly Wise Topic 12.

Mrs. Ackley’s Newsletter for Jan.27th-31st
English: We are working hard to
learn the rest of the rules for writing
from our Easy Grammar workbooks.
This week we will cover how to use
nouns in a sentence and how/why we
write compound sentences. We will
be working on the following pages:
Mon: 65-66 and 221-224
Tues.: 67-68 and 225-226
Wed.: 69-71 and 228-229
Thurs.: 75-76 and 230-231
Fri.: Start a Valentine letter for
Homework will be anything
not finished in class.
Half of the students will read
in leveled reader groups and
have to answer questions
based on what they read
using skills they have already
The other half will read the
book Shiloh and answer
questions that reviews
information from the book.
Students will have one cold
read a day. I will discuss the
questions with them and the
thought process needed to
answer it, but they must
answer and read the story on
their own.
Worldy Wise Lesson 12
Monday: Wordly Wise 12a, any
English that was not completed in
class, and re-read the Scholastic and
check the answers.
Tues.: Wordly Wise 12b, and
complete English.
Wed.: Wordly Wise 12c and complete
Thurs: Wordly Wise 12d and
complete English. Test over
Wordly Wise Topic 12.
Social Studies: We will read a
Scholastic magazine on Monday and
answer questions from it and
complete a worksheet that goes with
it. I will allow students to bring it
home Monday night to re-read with
someone and have their answers
checked before turning it in for a