Philippines_Wesley Marshall

By: Wesley Marshall
When Spain ruled the Philippines, a Chinese pirate named
Limahong invaded the northern Philippine islands. He
was well known as a warlord. When Limahong was
sailing, he ran into merchant ships. He then learned that
they came from a place that was unprotected. So he
decided to invade the city of Manila. But the Spanish
heard of this, And they battled to protect the Philippines.
Though Limahong didn’t die in that battle, Most of
Limahong’s men died in that battle. People call this the
red sea incident.
( Manila is the capital of the Philippines)
The name of the Philippine language is called
Filipino. Some Filipino people do speak some
English, because the American people had
control of the Philippines at one time. But then
the Philippines fought to gain freedom from
The Philippines are 7,000 islands lying 500 mi.
off the southeast coast of Asia. The overall land
area is as big as Arizona! The highest mountain
out of all the Philippines is mount Apo. Only 1/3
of the islands have names. Some islands are so
small that none live on the islands!
• A common Filipino custom is Bagongtaon day.
(New years day.)When they have this holiday,
people wear masks and do dances. they also have
parades around the city.
• Also, semana santa day is a holy week. Lots of
people rest and go to church. They also had a lot
of baptisms.
• Rizal day, is a major holiday. It is when they honor
José Rizal. He was a patriot in the war for the
freedom from Spain. This includes parades, a fire,
and a tour of José Rizal's garden.
The Philippine flag’s name is pambangsang watawat.
If the scarlet red is on top,
It means the Philippines are ready to go to war.
The blue represents justice, peace, and truth.
The red represents courage and honor.
the three stars represent the country’s three main
islands. The sun stands for the country’s provinces.
• The natural resources are: timber, petroleum,
nickel, cobalt, silver, and gold.
• People use gold to buy things from other
• Silver is used in jewelry and decors.
• They use cobalt to carve things like jewelry.
They also use it to make fires.
• Petroleum is used if people struggle when
trying to make a fire.
Tourist attractions
• Rizal park: It has gardens, statues, and a
Philippine flag. Many people come from all over
the world come here. People come here to have
picnics or to honor José Rizal.
• The roman catholic church: families come here
for good Friday and have a reenactment of how
Jesus was crucified. ( good Friday is when Jesus
• The white beach: it is a beautiful beach. Many
divers go here. Games of sipa are played here. (
sipa is volley ball in the Philippines.)
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