9/28 Weekend Assignment: Ancient Greek Art, The Odyssey

TKM Review and Benchmark Review
Word of the Day: Benign
Pass in Quote Journals for a grade.
Review Idioms: Handout is here.
Small Group Assignment: Review assigned chapter or chapters of TKM and prepare a
short presentation on the following topics as relating to your chapter/s:
Write a 2 sentence summary of the major events of each chapter.
Identify the TONE of the chapter/s and justify your choices
Identify the MOOD of the chapter/s and justify your choices
Identify the THEME of your chapter/s and justify your choices
Choose one character, other than Scout, and list five adjectives that describe the
character and justify your choices.
This is due tomorrow.
Benchmark is on Thursday: Review Sheet is here
11/5/12: Mockingbird
Words of the Day: Indigenous & Ecstatic
Read THROUGH Chapter 7 (Stop at 8) and complete the Quote Journal.
Ideas: (1) Home towns, (2) Learning or Education, (3) People, (4) Gifts, (5) Religion, (6)
Mischief, (7) Mystery
If you have not yet submitted your TKM Research Paper to Turnitin.com, please do so
asap. You are losing credit for every day that passes without its submission...
11/2/12: Research Paper & Mockingbird
Word of the Day: Ecstatic
Mockingbird: Read through chapter 5 (Stop at 6) and complete the Quote Journal.
Your research paper is due by 11:59 tonight.
10/HALLOWEEN/12: Chapter 2 of Mockingbird /
Word of the Day / Imagery
-Draw the image that Jem describes when he tells Scout and Dill about Boo Radley and
properly cite a quote from the text.
- Word of the Day: ASSUAGE, use in a sentence.
-Read Chapter 2 of Mockingbird
10/30/12: Final Little Tree Quiz / Collect Book /
Chapter 1
Read Chapter One of To Kill a Mockingbird. Complete the Chapter 1 Quote Journal
Idea = Home towns.
10/29/12 : Poetry Analysis & Begin Mockingbird
Read and analyze Margaret Walker's "Sorrow Town" for poetic devices. Click here.
Education of Little Tree final quiz is tomorrow.
Distribute Quote Journal for Mockingbird (MUST be completed for every chapter read)
Click here.
Begin Chapter 1.
10/25/12 - Begin TKM Research Project
Your research project on TKM was begun in class today. Today was the only day where
you have library/internet access. The rest of the work will be done at home on your own
Reminder: you are expected to either a credible internet source OR as a credible video
Your final paper with in-text/parenthetical citations is due on Thursday, November 1st.
Please download the Internet / Video Webquest if you have misplaced yours.
Please download the Sample Paper with Works Cited Page to check your final product.
If you were absent, please email Mr. Gillis for a subject to research!
10/22/12 Introduction to To Kill a Mockingbird and the
Scottsboro Boys Video
Take three column notes on the following Intro to To Kill a Mockingbird Powerpoint
using the following five topics as jumping off points: Harper Lee, Setting of the Novel,
Historical Background, Jim Crow Laws, and the Scottsboro Boys Trial. Leave the third
column of your paper blank for
We began watching a section of the PBS documentary on the Scottboro Boys
Trial. Please see Mr. Gillis in person for directions on this assignment
Your next quiz on The Education of Little Tree will be on Friday, October 26th. This
quiz will covers chapters 11 - 17.
10/11/12 > (look at that!) The Education of Little Tree,
To Kill a Mockingbird Anticipation Guide, and a
Journal Exercise
Today you took your first quiz on the first five chapters of The Education of Little Tree.
Your SECOND quiz will be given on Tuesday, October 16th and will cover chapters 6 10.
Today's agenda: Quiz, Finish In-Class Essays, Discussion of the term Prejudice, Watch
"The Sneetches" on Youtube.
Homework: Journal Entry:
How have you experienced prejudice in your own life? Write about an experience you
have had with prejudice, discuss what happened and the effect it had on you and the
others involved. Due 10/16. One full page.
Complete the To Kill a Mockingbird Anticipation Guide for Thursday 10/18.
10/8: The Odyssey In Class Essay - Wednesday October
In preparation for the upcoming writing assignment, you will be expected to complete the
following prewriting activity. You will be allowed to use your notes on the essay; be sure
that they are thorough and detailed!
- List of heroic traits that Odysseus possesses
- Character traits that are NOT heroic (Every classical hero has a Tragic Flaw – that one
characteristic that leads to the hero or those he loves into dangerous, often deadly
- Identify the character(s) or elements in opposition to Odysseus
- Who serves as Odysseus’s supernatural guide or mentor? Describe this character.
- Could Odysseus be successful without the aid of his mentor?
10/8: The Education of Little Tree - Homework and
Quiz Dates
All students have been given a copy of The Education of Little Tree. This book will be
read entirely out of school. There will be in class quizzes on the readings on the
following dates:
Chapters 1-5 quiz:
Chapters 6 - 10 Quiz:
Chapters 11 - 17 Quiz (7 chapters):
Chapters 18 - 21 Quiz:
10/3: Epic Simile
Tuesday, 10/16
Monday, 10/22
Friday, 10/26
On a piece of white computer paper, write or type a detailed 4-5 line epic simile that
compares YOU to SOMETHING ELSE in an extended manner. These will be posted in
my room. You do not have to put an MLA heading on this paper. Please include your
name on the back of the paper. If you were artistic, please add some creativity to your
epic simile. Be creative! Be insightful! Due Thursday.
Your second Benchmark will be next Monday, October 8th. You will be assessed on the
following skills:
MLA heading,
MLA formatting,
Works Cited
MLA citation
Reliable sources
Reading Comprehension
Thesis Statements
Specific/supporting details
4 types of writing
Sentence corrections (could include missing punctuation, verb tense correction,
misspelled words, etc.) Independent/Dependent clauses
Semi-colon/Colon (including identification of conjunctive adverbs!)
Parallel Structure
Figurative Language - epithet, epic setting, epic simile, invocation, etc.
10/1: Due tomorrow: Odysseus and His Tormentors
See Below: Retell the scene from The Odyssey featuring your assigned monster/goddess
FROM THEIR PERSPECTIVE. Your story is to be 1 - 2 pages, typed, MLA formatted,
titled, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, and MUST include an illustration of your own
9/28 Weekend Assignment: Ancient Greek Art, The
Odyssey: A Retelling, & The Modern Day Monster
Assignment 1: The Odyssey in Ancient Art
Materials Needed: Ipads, pencils, crayons, or markers.
Directions:View links to Ancient Greek Artwork. Pay close attention to images that
relate directly to The Odyssey. Using your knowledge of the escapades of Odysseus thus
far, select a memorable scene and attempt to depict it by first drawing it on your paper.
Make your drawing in pencil and trace over your work with a black crayon or
marker. Be sure to color or shade all parts of the urn illustration.
You will have between 10 – 12 minutes to complete your drawing.
The urn illustration will be due on Monday and must have your name on it as well as a
title for your artistry.
Assignment Two: Odysseus and His Tormentors
Each group will work on a retelling of the story of the character they drew from the
selection, told in the voice of one of the creatures Odysseus faced in his travels. Spend
time planning your narrative today. Writing and typing will be completed outside of
The finished product will be 1 - 2 pages in length according to MLA style, and will
include the typed narrative AND at least one image.
Images should be done by hand (no cut and paste for this assignment). Why? This is
YOUR interpretation of the story; it is not someone
else’s.You should use your textbook to find DICTION, DIALECT, and IMAGERY
associated with your character. (Note: You may have to use your imagination in the case
of those creatures who did not actually speak to Odysseus.)
So – to paraphrase– you should tell your story from the Odyssey from the perspective of
your creature/god/goddess. It must be typed and be between 1 and two pages. Somewhere
on those 1 – 2 pages there must be an illustration to accompany or highlight an aspect of
your story.Be sure to include dialogue, clever imagery, and internal thought – what were
your characters thinking as the story was unfolding?
Assignment Three: Modern Day Monster.
(Materials needed:
White Paper, pen, pencils, and markers/colored pencils).
Odysseus faced many monsters on his journey from Troy to Ithaca. Briefly discuss the
monsters depicted by Homer.
Consider: How are these monsters exact opposites of the archetype of the HERO?
Work together as a group to brainstorm characteristics of a modern-day monster
which would be the exact opposite of the traits we esteem in heroes today. Write a 100 –
150 word description of your monster, and then draw a picture of him or her. Make sure
that your finished product has all of your group member’s names on it. You may also
complete this assignment independently.
9/20 Epic Writing Assignment Document / Fill in the
blank / Mr. Gillis Sample
9/17 Epic Writing Assignment
Imagine that a storyteller is writing the story of your life as an epic poem. What would
the first sixteen lines of your poem reflect? How would you introduce the epic of your
You will need the demonstrate your understanding of the following literary terms by
including each in your 16 lines of verse: Epic Setting, Epic Simile, EpithetS, ArchetypeS
(Epic Hero should be one (which means more than one!), and a Call to the Divine.
Please follow the following directions and apply them to your final copy:
Highlight your epic simile in yellow.
Highlight your archetypes in pink.
Highlight your Epic Setting in purple.
Circle your epithets.
Underline your Call to the Divine.
Your passage should not exceed 20 lines but should be no less than 16. Please follow
MLA formatting for your heading and title of response.
DUE: Wednesday 9/19
9/12 Journal HW
Journal: You are on a journey through high school right now.
As you work your way through this journey, what do you think is more
important – reaching your goal of graduating, or enjoying the day-to-day
experiences leading up to your graduation?
9/11 Homework: Anticipation Guide for The Odyssey
Download and print out the Odyssey Anticipation Guide. Choose from the list 5
statements which you strongly agree with and five statments with which you strongly
disagree. Mark them accordingly. Be prepared to defend your opinion during a class
Be sure that you have adequate notes on the Gods and Goddesses (see HW from 9/5).
You will be quizzed on them soon (hint: you can use your notes, so make sure that they
are good!)
Check Powerschool - be sure that you have done all of your homework!
9/6 English CP Homework Assignment
1) Be sure that you have taken adequate notes on the Gods and Goddesses. You will be allowed to use your
notes on an in-class Reading Comprehension Check.
2.) Journal Entry: Write a response to the following prompt and be prepared to share your work with the
Paris is a greedy young man, and much is made of the fatal repercussions of his greed. Is
Helen equally guilty, or is she a victim?
9/5 English CP Homework Assignment:
1.) Please finish reading The Most Dangerous Game - the link can be found here. Be
sure that your Literary Terms in The Most Dangerous Game Sheet has been
completed. It will be turned in and graded.
2.) Create Split Page Notes on the Gods and Goddesses. On the left side column of your
page list the names of the God or Goddess and provide notes on the right side column.
Click the link to the Gods and Goddess Page.
Benchmark Review Page
Review the new page titled "Benchmark Exam Preparation" located below Syllabus and
Curriculum Calendar.
Benchmark Skills Guide
The Benchmark Skills Guide
Benchmark Exam is on 9/4
Students: Your Benchmark Exam will be given on Tuesday, September 4th - the day we return from the
long weekend. You will need to review MLA formatting (headings, parenthetical citations, and Works
Cited Page), usage of the semicolon and colon, as well as your Elements of Fiction and Literary Terms
8/23 The Semicolon Notes and Assignment
Review the Semicolon notes and Assignment. Complete the Attached Assignment.
8/23 The Race to the South Pole
For homework: Read The Race to the South Pole article and complete the related
questions regarding The Hero's Journey.
Link to Story: The Race to the South Pole
Assignment: The Hero's Journey
Notes: The Hero's Journey
8/20 - 8/22 Research Project Presentations of Findings
Over the course of these few days we are looking at MLA Parenthetical Citations and
MLA Works Cited Pages for our Research Projects. There has been no additional
homework assigned aside from the Research Paper.
8/19 Research Project / Sunday Evening
Students: I will be unable to answer any emails regarding tomorrow's project after 8:30
pm. Please email all inquiries beforehand.
Furthermore: PLEASE use the links and documents posted on this page last week to
better assist your understanding of the project.
Be sure to read through the Checklist and MLA handout information.
8/16 Research Project Amendment
** Unfortunately, the Encyclopedia Britannica database is unavailable outside of Buford
High School. You will be unable to access this database if you attempt from home. All
other databases are available to you.
8/16 Research Projects - Day 3
You will have the entire class period to work on your research projects today. Please
utilize your Dropbox account so that you might save your work in school and finish your
research for homework tonight. You will be given 20 minutes of class time tomorrow to
collaborate with your group to figure out how to best present your information to your
peers. Each group member must bring research information to the team.
Be responsible and be involved - you may be asked to evaluate your team and each
member's contribution.
Visit the MLA formatting website to assist in your documentation of information in
proper MLA format.
The link to better understand in-text citations is here.
The link to better understand creating a Works Cited page is here.
In case you have forgotten - here is the website for research and here is the Research
** This is your Research Project Checklist. Print out and check off that all aspects have
been covered.
** This is a Sample Cover Page and Sample Works Cited Page. Please use it for
8/15 Research Projects - Day 2
Continue your Research Project on your assigned subject:
Greek Heroes, Old English / Anglo-Saxon Heroes, Medieval Heroes, Renaissance Heroes
Renaissance Man Hero Types, Romantic Heroes (re: Romanticism), and Early
American Heroes (Tall Tales, Folk Heroes)
Continue to use the BHS Research Website for your researching needs.
Print out and USE the MLA handout courtesy of Mrs. Harris. Focus specifically on
8/14 Research Projects - Types of Heroes
Begin your Research Project in class. Please use the following link for all of your
researching needs. The attached document includes all of the information that you will
need to be successful. Our intended Presentation date is Friday, August 17th.
Tuesday, August 14th: Report directly to Computer Room 108.
Wednesday, August 15th: Report directly to the library.
Thursday, August 16th: Report directly to Computer Room 108.
8/13 Summer Reading Exams / Research Project
Tonight: Please re-watch the following video on The Hero's Journey. Print out the
following paper and take notes from the document titled The Hero's Journey Notes.
Bring the paper to class with you tomorrow. We will be meeting in the Computer Lab #
108 to begin our Research Project on Types of Heroes.
8/10 Summer Reading
Homework: Complete the Study Guide for your Summer Reading Selection. Bring your
Study Guide to class on Monday. There will be a test on Monday during class time.
8/9 Journal and Venn Diagram - ** THIS
Be sure that you have completed filling out your Venn Diagram by placing the names of
those you admire in the appropriate section of the diagram.
Journal: Does our culture confuse the ideals of the hero with celebrity? Why do you
think this might be? Who do you think is an example of this trend?
Your Journal will be shared in class.
8/8 Grammar: The Colon, List of People We Admire
For tonight's homework, please complete the "On Your Own" grammar assignment
attached. Also, generate a list of 10 people (a mix of people from your individual life and
celebrities, athletes, fantastical heroes, or political figures) who you admire. You should
explain why it is that each individual deserves admiration. Be prepared for a class
8/7: Journal Assignment - Significant Quotes
Write a journal response of 150+ words addressing your personal connection to
one of the selected quotes. Be thoughtful, be introspective, and write a copious
8/6: Goals Assignment