JD - Kaivalya Education Foundation

Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership (PFEL) / Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF)
Job Position: Program Leader (PLDP Design)
Location: Jaipur, New Delhi
Organisation Overview:
About us: http://www.kefindia.org/, http://www.piramal.com/piramal-foundation, http://www.gandhifellowship.org/
Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership (PFEL) and Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) are sister
organisations. PFEL is involved mainly in the projects in Rajasthan, and KEF is involved in the projects in other states,
such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, etc.
PFEL/KEF work to transform the Educational System in India. It aims to create a generation of Education leaders who
are equipped with skills to create large-scale, systemic impact. Founded in 2008 starting Projects with 50 Principals
and 11 Fellows, PFEL/KEF has progressed and grown under the leadership of a dynamic team with rich and diverse
experience in Education and Leadership. The projects are currently being implemented in approx. 1400 schools in
Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra with 250 fellows, impacting approx. 15,000 children.
PFEL/KEF primarily runs two programs: Principal Leadership Development Program (PLDP) and the Piramal/Gandhi
Fellowship. We are in the process of launching the District Leadership Development Program (DLDP).
The Piramal/Gandhi Fellowship, is an intensive 2 year leadership program for youth from India’s leading colleges with
exposure to rigorous work at grass root level and a plethora of experiences which trigger self-change and skill
development. It transforms them into leaders who want to make a difference in society at a large scale.
PFEL/KEF’s Principal Leadership Development Program is an in-service leadership development program for
Government school Principals that aims to develop the mindset, knowledge and leadership skills required to improve
learning outcomes for children and quality of education in their schools. As a pioneering program on school leadership,
PLDP has already found recognition from the government at the national level and is supported by noted funding
PFEL/KEF’s District Leadership Development Program is aimed at developing and enabling Education Officers at
block, district and state levels and other Govt. Stakeholders to foster learning outcomes of children and change in
schools in their Block/District/State.
Position Overview:
We are seeking a highly motivated individual with a well-rounded perspective of the education sector, a flair for writing
and the drive to create an impact, to join the Curriculum and Design team of the Principal Leadership Development
Program (PLDP). The individual will be part of the central team and largely be responsible for design and execution of
the PLDP curriculum. S/he will get the opportunity to engage deeply with the dynamics of grassroots work in the
education sector while utilising their skills to contribute to the transformation of India’s ailing government schools and
propel Student Learning Outcomes.
The role will provide a space for the individual to contribute into a further evolution of PLDP Curriculum and Design
using innovative content and training methodologies while working in an open team environment with other
experienced professionals. It will expose her/him to the various aspects and challenges of training and development
of school leaders in the Indian context while also influencing a multitude of other stakeholders to create impact in a
challenging, fast-paced work environment.
The individual will also get the opportunity to contribute to advocacy initiatives of the organisation to drive systemic
change by influencing government policy around the agenda of school leadership in partnership with a variety of
research partners, world’s top education researchers and government ministries.
Primary Responsibilities:
Designing key components of the PLDP curriculum, specifically in the areas of perspective building and
choices that will help PLDP Headmasters grow as school leaders, develop the requisite skill set and expand
their perspective and knowledge around student learning.
Supporting the drafting and review of curriculum content, to the last level of detail; this includes broad
structure, specific modules and content, assignments and exercises.
Identifying and devising innovative ways to deliver the curriculum to the Headmasters in the form of
workshops based on their training needs, self-learning material, facilitator guides for workshops, books and
articles, videos/films, etc.
Experimenting, developing and implementing modules and processes for PLDP Headmasters as appropriate.
Facilitating the implementation of the curriculum by providing necessary inputs and capacity building of
Gandhi Fellows to coach the principals
Designing processes for effective Headmaster training and support
Defining processes to provide feedback and review progress of Headmasters
Participating in the design and implementation of new strategic collaborations and projects concerning field
implementation, monitoring and evaluation, advocacy, etc.
Experience: 3-8 years of work experience in corporate, schools or development sector. Past experience in Curriculum
Design, Leadership Development, Change Management or Coaching will be an advantage
Education: Masters/PhD/M.Phil in any discipline, preferably education, liberal arts and economics / commerce or
Human Resources. Graduates with requisite skills/experience may apply.
Language Proficiency: Good Written and Oral communication skills in Hindi and English
Required Skills:
Excellent writing skills & Expertize in using MS Office (Word/Excel/Power Point)
Well rounded perspective and dynamic approach to addressing issues of education sector
Experience in implementing pedagogies/ child-centric learning/ conducting teacher training/ design
Prior experience of working with children and teachers
Confident communicator, ability to dialogue professionally and diplomatically on complex issues with
individuals from diverse backgrounds
Ability to convert abstract ideas and concepts into concrete curriculum framework and content with
attention to stakeholder’s training and development needs
Capacity for innovation, creative thought, and strategic thinking
Ability to self-motivate, work independently, flexibly and with minimal supervision
Strong written, presentation and interpersonal skills
Strong commitment to ongoing personal development
Preferred Skills:
Ability to convert strategic direction into objectives and plans
Interest in Research and policy formulation in the area of Education.
Advanced knowledge of computers and the ability to use technology for training and delivering curriculum
Interest in and exposure to eclectic work in films, literature and other creative fields
Experience of working in the development sector
Frequency of Travel: 10-12 days travelling to locations will be required for team meetings and PLDP processes.
Salary: Negotiable, based on experience / expertise
Contact Information: [email protected]
Application Procedure:
E-mail your resume to [email protected] with the subject as “PL-Design-PLDP”